Christening gowns

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Christening gowns

Traditionally in Spain, when a baby is baptized, they are usually given a Christening gown or baptismal skirt. Many times you come to the showroom wondering what exactly this garment is. A christening gown is basically a very long baby dress. Normally, the more traditional it is, the longer it is. This custom of putting long christening skirts on babies comes from the 17th century when Christians baptized babies by immersion and when they were taken out they put an embroidered cloth on them so they wouldn’t catch cold. Read more

At Quémono we have chosen to make a modern baptismal skirt, with a simple design and lace placed in such a way that it is subtle. We have found a skirt length that is perfect so that it is not excessively pretentious or uncomfortable for the baby. In short, in Quémono you can find an offer of modern baptism skirts. You will also always have the option to customize them.

Handmade Christening gowns

Although it is true that the skirts of Quémono are not classic, what they are is of quality. We have handmade skirts, made by hand by dressmakers in Madrid. In addition, the fabrics and materials with which we make the skirts by hand are natural and from Spanish suppliers. We promote collaboration with national factories and work in the outskirts of Madrid to ensure the best quality.

For us it is very important that the skirts are made by hand and by a single person, from the cut to the final ironing. This is because it ensures the quality of the craftsmanship. In a garment as small as a baptismal skirt, it is especially important to cut the patterns with precision and of course sew with great care to ensure that the details, which are very small, are perfect.


What fabric is a Christening gown made of?

Christening gowns can be made of a multitude of fabrics, although in general more natural fabrics are used that are kinder to a baby’s skin. Babies in general are sensitive and require soft fabrics that do not irritate their skin. At Quémono we are specialized in linen baptismal skirts, modern options for today’s family. However, we also have some tulle skirts, such as the Gabriela baptism skirt, which is made of beautiful plumeti tulle. You can also find cotton baptism skirts such as the Pino skirt, which is also a colored baptism skirt. On the other hand, there is the Daniela skirt, which is a beautiful brocaded baptism skirt. This very rich fabric is what we usually call a false plain: Actually the fabric has texture, but it is true that from a distance, it is practically not appreciated, so it has the effect of being totally smooth.


Family Christening gowns

It is very common for skirts to pass from generation to generation. In many families there are quality skirts that pass from parents to children and with which all generations of children have been baptized. The usual thing about these baptism skirts is that they are handmade and made of natural fabrics. If you want to buy a baptismal skirt that passes from parents to children, the important thing is that it is of an intermediate size, so that it is valid for all the children who are going to be baptized and preferably that it is not especially feminine or masculine, rather it is a unisex baptism skirt. It is also recommended that it be a mid-season baptism skirt, neither too winter nor too summer.

If I had to choose a family baptism skirt today, I would choose the Agnes model, which is made of cotton with subtle lace on the neck and sleeves. It also has a sleeve, so it won’t give much heat if it’s worn without anything else, but if it’s cold it can be worn with a body underneath or even with a Rebequita. As for the size, I would choose a size 9m, since it is usual for children to be baptized at 4 or 6 months, and thus it can give a little more size for slightly larger babies. Finally, I would choose to order all the accessories, a christening bonnet and diaper cover to match the skirt, including the cape, in case any of the families that baptize their baby want to use all the accessories.


Christening gown accessories

Is it necessary to take all the accessories to match the baptismal skirt? As always, this is more a matter of taste than anything else. The first accessory that we usually doubt is the hood. If we are a little formal, the baptismal bonnet is a garment that covers the head as a sign of respect within the church. It is true that children have to take off the hood to wet their heads, precisely for this reason, many times they stay cold afterwards. To ensure that the baby stays warm, we recommend ordering a matching christening bonnet with the skirt.

Secondly, on the other hand, we have the baptism diaper cover, which is a garment that is worn as its name says, to cover the diaper and that the little drawings are not seen. But many times you ask us, why order a diaper cover if the diaper is not going to be seen because the skirt is long? Well, very easy, because the baptismal skirt is completely open at the back so that when holding the baby and especially in the photos, it does not wrinkle and so that it is easier to put on.

Another accessory that you often doubt is the baby’s baptismal sash. This is normal since it is a complement that has begun to be colored in recent years. Before, it was always white or beige and it was generally not a garment in itself but rather a satin bow. However, we always recommend a pastel color or at least a beige to make a modern and current christening skirt set.

The last accessory that you usually doubt if you want or not is the pair of christening baby shoes. Normally babies go to baptism very young so they don’t walk and therefore don’t need shoes. On the other hand, it is true that children are more dressed up with shoes, so although it is not a mandatory accessory, it is advisable to look for cute christening shoes. Also keep in mind that this way the baby will not get cold feet.

Christening skirts from first wear to 36 months

As in the collection of ceremony and communion, we understand that the circumstances of the events are not always the same. For this reason, on many occasions you ask us for skirts for the first time, for newborn or premature babies. But on other occasions, you ask us for skirts in larger sizes for well-grown or larger children.


Until when is it recommended to do the baptism with a Christening gowns ?

In general, baptismal skirts are recommended at most until the child walks. When ordering the skirt with some margin time, you should be aware that if the child begins to walk, it is advisable to shorten the skirt. Another option if the child walks is to reserve the baptismal skirt only for the moment of the ceremony and look for another alternative of baptismal clothing for the meal. Either of the two options is good for baptizing a child who is already walking.


Christening Batons and baptism skirts

The baptismal skirts are also called baptismal robes or Christian suits. They are different names for the same garment: a long dress that covers the feet to baptize babies when they are little.

It is a fairly traditional garment that many times you do not like very much because you think that the little one is a little uncomfortable. The solution to this concern is to order a skirt such as jade. This modern christening skirt is an overgarment that is worn over a shirt or romper and can then be removed, making the child more comfortable.