Linen tie for children


Linen tie for boy, perfect for communion or ceremony. The tie can be made slightly shorter or longer by loosening the knot a little.
The neckband is adjustable.   Comes with ribbon made  
You can choose between the different colors of our linens ♥️
(¡Psst! Gonzalo wears the tie in toasted linen with a linen skinny pants and a communion vest to match. Under the vest he wears a white shirt for children, all topped off by a blue linen jacket for communion. The tie in the last photo is gray linen).

Ceremonial Tie Guide

Size Length
(From knot to tip)
Neck contour
(with the rubber band relaxed)
Small 25 cm 25-33 cm
Grande 31 cm 25-33 cm

Keep in mind

The neck circumference measurement is taken with the rubber band relaxed, i.e., it could stretch 10 cm more.

The length of the tie is approximate, the tie knot can loosen and move as it is not sewn.

Do you have doubts about the colors? Here is a picture of some Elsa and Anna ceremonial bulletins and the color match (but note that the color will look different depending on the screen).

White linen
Toasted flax
Linen Nude
Powdered pink linen
Lino Coral
Green linen Water
Gray linen
Linen Slate
Rustic linen

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