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Cancan for communion dress

Quémono’s communion cancans are always made with the comfort of our little ones in mind. It is a light cancan, without hoops and that molds perfectly to the body when you sit or jump. Our cancans are made of tarlatana, a light but rigid fabric, so they weigh nothing.  As always, in Quémono the priority is the comfort of the little ones.  Read more

These cancans also have adjustable rubber, so they can be adapted to different sizes. Even so, we have to be careful not to leave the waistband too tight for the little one to be comfortable. In addition, it is a comfortable cancan, since the volume is created by the folds of the tarlana and not by rings as in conventional cancans.

At Quémono we like communion girls for children, simple and above all comfortable. That’s why you won’t find pompous cancans here. The cancan should only give the dress a little flare, enough so that the   communion dress is perfect, with the flare with which we have designed the skirt [/your_highlight]. That is why we say that our cancans are cancans of natural flight.

Why buying a communion cancan?

You may wonder if cancans are essential for communion suits. The truth is that the cancan is a recommended element for communion. This is because many girls at that age are not used to wearing long dresses and the can-can helps to avoid tripping over the dress. This can happen because skirts with a lot of flight and relatively fluid fabrics get between the legs and make it difficult for us to move in the most natural way.
To avoid this, the communion can-can not only gives the skirt fullness, but also creates a hole inside,    facilitating the movement of the legs and also the girl’s comfort . That is the fundamental reason why it is good to buy a communion cancan.

What is the price of a communion cancan?

The communion cancans are a complement to the communion dress and if you put them in comparison, the communion cancan really is cheap. However, buying a cancan too cheap can be a mistake. The cancans must have quality to be rigid enough to give the dress flight and made of a fabric that does not cause the skirt of the dress to stick by static electricity and rise.

Differences between the low volume and high volume cancan

There are two types of communion cancans: low volume and high volume. The main difference between these two cancans is the height of the start of the flight. In the short or low volume cancan, the fly starts from the end of the thighs, almost from the knees, so the result is a  naturally volume cancan .
On the other hand, in the high volume cancan, however, the flight is born from the hips, so the result is a high volume cancan. communion moderately pompous.

Cancans for girls’ ceremony dresses

On our website you can find two models of cancans for communion, but you may be looking for a cancan for a ceremony dress. In that case, you can indicate in the box Note the length you want or that you want it to match a ceremony dress that you have ordered. You can also  contact us  to order the ceremony dress and short can-can separately. What is a short cancan for? To make the ceremony dresses more versatile since you can wear it after the event for less formal occasions without the communion cancan.