Communion girl

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Does your girl make communion? It’s a very special day. Make easy. It will not be difficult if you put yourself in the hands of people who know. We are going to help you with this crucial event for children. Read more

Now think about the girl’s communion. Do it with time. It is best to search from the beginning of the school year. In this catalog of communion suits you will have to search and value.

Start by choosing the dress. Don’t wait until the end to buy a modern communion suit. Communions are in April and May. But look for the suit at least six months in advance. Even so, here you can buy until the day before. Pay extra if you’re in a hurry. The dress will be in accordance with the latest fashion.

Size is under control. Children here are known to grow up very quickly. It is taken into account to choose the size. If you already have the dress you have less left. Keep in mind this is not just choosing the communion suit. But it will be the fastest and the most critical. There are many more things to do around the girl’s first communion.

Here you can dress up the brothers. Choose the look of the brothers with the style and colors of the communion girl. And the event? Think about how many you are going to be. And look for the place to have the party. Consider the money you want to spend. There are many options. Find a site that suits your pocket.

When you have everything you will be able to relax. There are plenty of ideas here for you to choose from. For example, you can make communion cards with drawings of your daughter and her dress. Here the best headdresses are made by hand and there are girl’s shoes. You can wear all this with the communion sash.

Communion dresses for girls

We like children to remain children. For the girl’s communion suits, excesses and decorations are avoided. Choose an informal communion suit. Simple and beautiful communion designs are made here.

This year many communion dresses for girls are offered. All with the best fabrics. Here designer suits made by hand in Madrid are sold. All with good quality and price.

Likewise, it will help you measure your daughter. This way you will know your size easier. The essential thing is that the girl is comfortable with her communion dress. And that he can play in his first communion.

The color of the communion suit does not have to be pure white. It can be of some white tone that stands out for having a special touch. You have fabrics of light and dark tones. Depending on the fabric you choose: tulle, linen, pique… The best fabrics are used.

Then give it a touch of color with the decorations. Choose sashes, shoes, headbands or flower headdresses. It can be pink, blue, green or tan. Give it a modern touch.

The girl’s communion clothes is essential on that day. Think about it. Make an appointment and visit the Madrid store. There you can touch the fabrics, see the quality of the clothes. Let’s see all your doubts. You can choose the set calmly. Whether the communion dress or other accessories. Choose only if you know all the data.

How to dress your girl for communion

To choose your daughter’s communion dress, take into account her tastes. Consider what your daughter thinks. Respect their way of dressing and their style. It’s your day. But do not forget to see the price. It is crucial that the girl likes her outfit. As well as make you feel comfortable all day. Both in the church and in the event itself. Try the models that you like the most. See that they fit the money you want to spend. Talk everything to her.

Do you want your daughter to wear a modern communion dress? You can have it at a good price. And here you can edit the communion clothes. Change the sleeve, skirt, waist… in the end you will have a very special design. You are going to have a communion look of your own girl.

Thus, here you will see models of original design. You have a dress made in two like Saya Martina. This saya becomes two sets. In this way, the girl can wear the white robe in church. And at the party she can go with the color dress below.

Does your little girl not like dresses? Here she can choose communion pants. Tulle pants communion suits. Or a sailor communion suit for a girl with a jacket and pants. All contrary to the typical. Here you will see looks for all tastes.

Here you know that the communion dress that your daughter wears is going to be modern. Why? Because here the tastes of girls are taken into account.

First communion outfits

The dress is not the only thing that the girl will wear on the day of her first communion. It is crucial that you look at the decorations. Thanks to them the first communion design will look better.

The bow is an essential accessory for the communion dress. It can be made of tulle, linen and organza. Choose the color according to her hair. Here you will see how to make the bow so that it looks and enhances the dress more. Neither too big nor too small, everything just right.

Also here there are many hair ornaments. From handmade headdresses to flowers or headbands. You can choose ornaments of all types and colors. The same fabrics are used with which the dress or sash has been made. All handmade in Spain.

Here are colored shoes to match the girl’s communion set. They have laces on the front of the shoe. Others are tied on the girl’s foot. You can remove the ribbon if the girl wants to run in the party.

Do not forget the rest of the decorations. For example, the cancan is essential to give body to the dress. Thus, the girl will feel unique.

Communion clothes for happy girls

And in case the girl is cold, here are the coats for May and April. You have boleros and communion capes of all colors. You can choose these ornaments according to the style of the communion look. These decorations do not overload the look of the dress. Your daughter can carry a bag or a rosary or cross in her hand. In the bag she can put the gifts. She is going to help you finish the outfit with a classic touch.

The girl will feel happier if the whole family dresses like her. She takes the brothers to match the communion girl. They can wear matching sashes, headdresses, etc. All in the same colors and fabrics.

Also, here are ideas for the parents’ outfit. The mother will be able to combine the colors and fabrics with the rest of the family. The father can buy a matching tie with the communion girl.