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The last details: hair ornaments for girls

Girl’s hair accessories are the culmination of a perfect look. They are ideal for children’s communion outfits and arras dresses. In these cases, the dress is usually white and is combined with hair ornaments and accessories in the same colors. The perfect thing is that you can find all the accessories in the same place so that everything is exactly the same tone.

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Choose between the girl’s headband and hair bows

In Quémono you can find several girl hair accessories. The most traditional are hair bows, with which you can style girls with pigtails or braids, giving a nice touch to your wedding deposit.

Another option that we bet on at Quémono is the headband of ceremony for girl. You can search for a multitude of hairstyles with cloth headbands and we will offer you different models of linen headbands for girls: you can opt for the wide headband, the handkerchief headband for girls, the linen or velvet knotted headband. If you are looking for headbands for wedding girls, this is your place.

The headband for a communion is also a very good option. It can be an original communion accessory that also guarantees that it combines with communion linen sashes or even with a bolero.

The boy’s linen bow tie as a complement

We also offer you some boy’s accessories to create the most modern wedding boys’ looks, and how we like the shirt with a bow tie for boys! Bow ties are perfect for adding a splash of color to match girls’ sashes. At Quémono we offer you several colors so you can order a pink boy’s bow tie or a navy blue boy’s bow tie. In addition, you can always combine it with a cummerbund for a boy, because the combination of cummerbund and bow tie never fails. Check our sash options for ring bearers and flower girls and remember that you can order your accessories for children in any color.

The touch of color that the communion sash gives

When you already have the communion dress and shoes, surely you only need a sash for your communion dress. At Quémono we have several models such as pleated or ruffled sashes, but you will also have to choose a color from the many that we offer. We love how the communion dresses with a colored sash look, although the most common is to choose the pink sash or the aqua green sash, which is often the one that the little ones like the most, in Quémono we have more options so that Choose the linen communion sash that you like the most.

Do I need to order a communion cancan?

Another detail that you cannot miss is the cancan for the communion dress . It is very important that you choose the cancan correctly so that the dress is perfect, with the flight for which it was designed. Another important factor is that it is a comfortable cancan. For that, the best thing is to order a communion cancan without hoops, that is, any of our cancans, high flight or natural flight.

Baby hood to match the accessories

We also have some accessories for baby looks. Because the perfect look is made up of baby dresses with hoods, without forgetting the matching culotin. If you are looking for a summer or winter baby bonnet, at Quémono we offer you different models of linen or velvet bonnets. We have both christening bonnets and baby ceremony bonnets. Although you already know that you can create your own look by combining a ceremony bonnet with any of our christening skirts or vice versa. Customize your look!

Girl shorts with short dresses

Finally, we can not forget the baby diaper covers. The diaper cover is a fundamental accessory for children who are still wearing a diaper or also for little ones who still do not have much control over whether or not they show their underwear. For this reason, you can dress girls with panties, making sure that even if they are older, there are always girl panties to match the dresses you order. In Quémono you can find online diaper covers for girls of all colors and in several models. Don’t forget that you can always combine it with our girl’s hair accessories.