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Elegant baby diaper covers for special occasions

Diaper covers are a very important garment for any baby you want to take to a wedding or other ceremony. They look especially good with a baby ceremony dress short. If you want the little one to be elegant and neat, it is best not to leave the diaper in sight. Although it is something natural for every baby, if you cover the diaper with a diaper cover the baby will be much cuter. Read more

In addition to covering the child’s diaper, you can combine this panty with other clothes he wears. For example, you can match the girl’s diaper cover with the sash of her dress. For that, choose the same fabric and color for the diaper cover and the sash. Also, you can choose other matching accessories, such as hoods. Are you looking for baby diaper covers for weddings? In addition to the quality of the panties, you will have to look for accessories that go together with the diaper cover. In this way, the whole will be harmonious.

Panties depending on whether it is a boy or a girl

Baby diaper covers for your girl

The diaper covers for little girls who are beginning to walk are widely used because many times we wear them with a dress. If at these ages we wear them with a long dress, they can trip and it will be harder for them to walk. That is why the dresses they wear are usually very short and their diapers are usually visible. The diaper cover prevents this.

Baby diaper covers for your child

The diaper covers for children are very useful, since children often wear a long shirt with a diaper cover as shorts. This helps them a lot, since it prevents the pants from rubbing against them when walking, or even forcing them to make an extra effort if they are tight.

According to the type of ceremony

Christening diaper covers

If you are looking for the diaper cover for your baby’s baptism, you will have to look at some specific aspects. For the baptism, more delicate fabrics are usually used, such as tulle, plumeti tulle, ivory tulle, and silk organza. It is best to wear matching panties with other accessories, such as the hood or the cummerbund. However, you can also wear it to match the baptismal skirt. Choose a diaper cover that goes well with the rest of the modern baby baptism clothes that she will wear on that special day.

Diaper covers for weddings

If your baby is going to be part of the deposit or is going to be a guest at a wedding, it is important that she does not see her diaper. For weddings, you can play with other fabrics in addition to the tulle and organza that we have seen in the case of baptisms. Choose the fabric depending on how formal or informal the wedding may be. As in the baptismal baby panties, the design of the diaper covers for weddings tends to have more embellishments; such as embroidery, ruffles, etc. Take the diaper cover to the wedding to match the accessories and in contrast to the rest of the dress. Thus, the set will be 10. For example, dark brown accessories (or with dark details), and the girl’s cream-colored dress. That set will be a safe bet! You can also bet on a white diaper cover for girls and choose a light shade for the color of the dress.

Until what months can you find diaper covers in Quémono?

Children typically wear diapers at least until they are 24 months old. Until this age, the diaper has an important weight in his life and, therefore, the diaper cover too. In our online store, the smallest size we have of diaper covers is the first wear, that is, when the baby is newborn. For this age, you can find diaper covers to dress well, for ceremonies and weddings, or for baptisms. From here, you can find these panties for all ages. On our website we have the following sizes: First wear, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months, and 4 years. With these sizes it works, since as the diaper covers that Quémono designs have an elastic band at the waist, they adapt to the contour of the baby. This rubber also makes it not tight and very comfortable, and helps them especially when babies take their first steps. In any case, if you want a special size (3 years, for example), you can write through the web chat so that we can make it for your baby.

How to choose these baby panties according to the season of the year

These garments do not lengthen depending on the time of year, as happens with short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, for example. To distinguish a summer diaper cover from a winter diaper cover you have to look at the fabric.

Summer diaper cover

This garment is very practical in summer, since we can wear the baby with a cool shirt and a diaper cover as pants. It’s cool, and covers the diaper area.

If you’re looking for a baby diaper cover for summer, choose one with a cool fabric. Some fabrics that may be worth are: linen, toile de jouy, tulle and organza.

Winter diaper cover

In winter, choose diaper covers made of fabrics such as corduroy or velvet. They are warmer and very soft fabrics that are not going to sting the child. In these fabrics, we have fewer colors than with linen, and they are usually cooler colors.

However, this is important if the baby is going to be in an open space. If the baby is only going to be in the stroller when it is outside, and the rest of the time it is going to be inside, you can opt for more summer fabrics. Keep in mind that in addition to the baby diaper cover, you will also have the diaper so that the cold does not enter.