Flower crowns for girls

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Flower crowns for hair

Any adornment on the hair of the girls adds and completes the outfit, but in particular the flower crowns for the hair are the most romantic, elegant, classic, informal and at the same time delicate accessory that can be used. Read more

You have flower crowns of all sizes and colors. Everything so you can find the perfect crown for the dress for the party that the girl will wear. And it is that flower crowns for hair not only give a bohemian and carefree touch, they also provide the necessary touch of elegance in any look. Flowers and bouquets strike the perfect balance between casual and formal, bohemian and sophisticated, so flowers in hair become the ideal complement to adorn our hair no matter the scope of the event you are attending.

Within the world of flower crowns, the offer is very varied, Quémono recommends you bet on preserved natural flowers and leaves, because if you resort to the most delicate natural flowers such as poppies, peonies or gardenias, you will not get good results. These wither quickly as they are not in contact with water, especially in the hottest months.

For this reason, avoid natural flowers and go for preserved natural flowers and leaves, dehydrated in a controlled way, such as those offered by Quémono. Elaborate crowns of flowers such as hydrangeas, gypsophila, mimosa or leaves such as green lepto, wheat, oats, spikes… They will last more than 4 years without the need for water or light. They are delicate and elegant, and since they are perfectly preserved, you can use them as many times as you want, not just on the day of the event.

And of course, we recommend that you choose flower crowns made by hand, such as those offered by Quémono, made one by one, by hand, so that each one is special and unique.

Also, there is a lot of variety. Flower crowns for hair can be full or closed, or just a half knotted crown, it can be full of flowers or simply be a light support with flowers or leaves attached. They can also be made with lots of flowers, or presented as a simple ribbon with subtle details of flowers or leaves. This will make the crown have more or less prominence.

But not only the crown itself matters, the flowers that make it up or the volume it may have. It is essential how you wear it.

To decide it is important to take into account the size and shape of the crown, and of course the style of the person who is going to wear it, or the result that is sought according to the event that is attended.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can wear just one flower crown or combine several, if you are looking for a more risky look. It can be placed as a headband, on the head, or on the back.

The most important thing is to combine it with the hairstyle. If you wear your hair loose, it is better to place it on your head, but if you decide to pull your hair back, the recommendation is to place it in a way that enhances the updo. Depending on your style you will decide the one that suits you best, but do not forget the hairstyle that must be designed to receive the crown. And of course, whatever you do, make sure that the crown is perfectly fixed to the hair with bobby pins so that it does not move during the entire duration of the event.

The rest of the accessories are left over. Let the flower crown take center stage, do not wear very flashy necklaces or earrings that will compete with the crown.

Girl flower crowns

There are many ways and styles to design a flower crown for a girl.

But do not choose the crown only based on the event to which it attends, because the fundamental thing is the personality of the girl. The flower crown should highlight her personality, her childish naivety, her sweetness, but it can also highlight the naughtiest part of her, if you want a more daring style. So look for the flower crown that best suits your style and character, without forgetting the type of event in question.

And be daring, but don’t forget that it must match the outfit, because the crown goes with the dress, not the dress with the crown. The flowers that are inserted in the crown that the girl will wear, subtle and delicate, have to play with the rest of the outfit or dress, and with the hairstyle that she is going to wear.

Yes, the hairstyle is essential. Normally in girls, loose hair is usually chosen, a well-groomed mane accompanied by a stylish crown will give the best result. But you can also opt for a more serious, classic or elegant look by placing the crown at the back of the hair over an updo. Whatever you choose, do not forget that the result should highlight the character of the girl.

But what is a flower crown worth if it is not placed well? So that the result is not a disaster, fix it with the help of hairpins, but be careful that they are well placed and that they are not seen. You have to ensure that you enjoy at the time of the party, and you do not have to be aware of the status or the placement of the accessories or the dress.

Communion flower crowns

Communions are celebrated in spring. What is more appropriate at this time of year than flowers in the hair? Because it is in this spring time the time to use flower crowns or other floral decorations such as headdresses, headbands,… Perfect for girls in communions. When you have chosen the communion dress of the girl, stop by to continue with the hair.

Special for communion because they dress the girl with innocence and tenderness on this special day.

Quémono recommends a flower crown to reinforce the communion look. Yes, we also make flower crowns for girls by hand.

You can place the floral headdress on the head for a more colorful look or backwards over an updo if you are looking for a more sophisticated style. You can get the most out of it thanks to its multipurpose facet.

At Quémono we offer you hand-made preserved flower crowns, with a fresh and natural appearance. Preserved flowers are natural flowers dried through a dehydration process. They last more than 4 years without the need for water or light.

They can be wheat, oats, spikes, hydrangeas, gypsophila, green lepto, even groups of mimosa, they can be beige, pink or green.

There are also flower crowns in white, just white or white with green leaves or coral with green leaves. These crowns can be combined with all the colors of the linens and tulles of the Quémono dresses.

It is the touch of glamor for any look. You can wear just one, for a more subtle look, or several, for a more risky one.

The flowers and materials of the flower crown are strung on a natural rope. The contour of the Quémono flower crowns measures 50cm, so they will fit perfectly on the girl’s head when making communion.

Quémono also offers flower crowns with metallic gold, black or old silver leaves, formed by a covered wire around which the leaves are wound, so it can be adapted to different diameters.

Princess Flower Crowns

After the bride, the leading role is played by the earnest children at weddings. They will normally carry the flowers in a decorated basket, or in a miniature bouquet. Many times they spread scented petals on the path that the bride will walk.

The flower crowns for the hair are the ideal complement for these girls. A simple circle with flowers above the head to complete the girl’s innocence. It goes well with any style of hair and face. It also combines perfectly with the spirit of the bride, because it combines delicacy, elegance and innocence.

The flower crowns, with a romantic and sweet appearance, are the perfect complement in the look of the girls of arras. Adjust them in the hairstyle using bobby pins so that it does not move. Put them on the head or behind. There are many possibilities. Let your imagination fly.

If you want a more natural, simpler look, use preserved natural flower crowns, but if what you are looking for is more sophistication, you can resort to flower crowns with metallic leaves, gold or silver. It will give you more packaging. It all depends on the environment in which the bride and groom want the wedding to take place, the ceremony as a whole, the venue.