Girl baptism

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Girl Christening Clothes

The baptism is a very important moment for a family, especially when it is the baptism of a girl. Christening clothing, at that time, becomes a fundamental part of the organization of the event. Dads will take a thousand walks in search of the perfect girl’s christening dress for the big day. We present a variety of baby baptism dresses that will make the princess look ideal.

Baby girl baptism clothes are very important to make a good impression on the guests. You can choose from a wide range of christening gowns and short dresses for baby girls.

Baby baptism clothes are a special outfit for a baby’s baptism. It should be comfortable and allow easy movement for a baby. Clothing should be made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Girl baby baptism clothes don’t have to be expensive; the important thing is that it is of quality. In Quémono you will find a wide variety of simple white dresses, but if you want something more exclusive, you can consider more elaborate fabrics such as brocade, which adds small flowers in relief throughout the fabric of the dress; as in the Daniela dress, one of our greatest successes. This will make your little girl feel even more special when she wears her christening gown during this very special ceremony.


Modern baby Christening clothes

To achieve a more modern look for a girl’s christening, many parents opt for christening dresses instead of christening gowns. This option is increasingly chosen by families looking for a more modern style to dress their girls for the day of the baptism. At Quémono we offer a wide variety of modern and simple dresses to baptize girls of different ages. While the christening clothes that our grandmothers chose were full of lace and tucks, at Quémono we offer modern christening clothes for baby girls. What makes our christening clothes for girls modern is that they are very simple. The fabrics are natural and the clothing is handmade, but the most important thing is that the cut is very simple.

Baby Christening dress

A modern christening gown will be ideal as a special outfit for a girl who is being christened. Our baptism dresses are mostly made of linen or cotton. For a more glamorous look, we have some brocade models or those made of tulle and with lace or lace. This makes them even more elegant and beautiful!

Christening baby girl

A more informal and ideal option for summer baptisms are the short dresses called Jesusitos. They are very short baptism dresses that reach the baby at the hip, so the diaper is always visible (We cover it with a diapper cover mathching the dress). It is a dress with the length of a blouse. The best thing about dressing a girl with a Christening short dress for the big day is that it allows great freedom of movement. The girl will be very comfortable all day. Some parents also choose to put the girl in a christening gown for the time of the church and then change her clothes to put on something more comfortable like a short baptism dress or a girl’s christening romper.


Christening accessories for girl

When we talk about baby girls, we will have to choose baby cut christening dresses, with matching diaper covers and preferably with a matching christening bonnet. The whole set will be impeccable if the combination of all the garments is harmonious. But how do you know if you have made the right choice with the girl’s baptism accessories?

Christening bonnet for girl

The perfect climax to the outfit will be a girl’s christening bonnet. Almost always, the hoods are in the color of the christening sash, a garment that we talked about in a few lines. The way to get it right when choosing the baptism bonnet is for it to be one that goes with the general style of the girl. If the girl usually wears very simple clothes, we should opt for a colored bonnet for the baptism, which adds a bit of color to the outfit, but with a simple cut. On the other hand, if you like bows and lace and you usually dress your girl that way, you can opt for a more ornate christening bonnet without any problem.

Christening headband for girl

Many times you prefer not to put a christening bonnet on the girl or you want an option for later, for when you take off the girl´s christening outfit. In these cases, the most common is to choose a more informal option for the meal, a girl’s baptism headband will be the perfect choice. Of course, it has to combine perfectly with the girl’s christening dress. Plus, this will add a bit of sweetness to your little one’s appearance. We can choose headbands with bows for baby girls or we can choose something more modern like a baby headband with a head scarf effect.

Christening sash for girl

As always when you put a dress on a girl, the sash breaks a bit with the color block, bringing a lot of balance to the outfit. Usually the christening sash should be in a contrasting tone to the dress or, failing that, have a change in texture. For example, if we want a modern girl’s baptism outfit, we will combine a white linen baptism dress with a dusty pink linen sash. However, if we want an original, simple but glamorous girl’s baptism outfit, we can combine the same dress with a white baby tulle sash.

Christening shoes for girl

If you’re looking for something more formal than a regular pair of shoes, Quémono’s christening baby shoes are perfect. Made of perforated white leather, with decorative stitching, they are perfect for the girl’s baptism. The other great advantage of these shoes is that they are made of soft leather, which makes them very comfortable on the one hand and durable enough to be used in different family events even by different babies.

If you are looking for girl’s clothes for baptism you can’t stop looking at Quémono’s proposals! You must have a quality option for when it’s your little one’s big day! Whether you plan to wear it as part of the day’s outfit or just want something special for after-church photos, these baby girls outfits will fit right in with any christening ceremony.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of the best baptism clothes for girls. We are sure that with this guide you will be able to find the perfect outfit for your little girl. Take care of it and do not forget the traditions!