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Ceremony shoes for girls

Dressing children for a ceremony, a wedding, a communion, a social event or simply an important family event can be a challenge, but at QuƩmono we help you choose the complete look, including shoes.Read more

As always, QuƩmono has thought of you designing and putting in your hands all kinds of accessories to create the perfect ceremony look, handmade girl headbands, flowers, crowns, headdresses, barrettes, bows, sashes, and now also ceremony shoes. for girl

Choosing the right shoes that combine comfort and beauty is not so easy. The importance of shoes must be taken into account, as they will combine and complement the elegant dresses for girls of any ceremony. Quemono, knows these limitations and dedicates all its efforts to solve your problems and accommodate your requests.

QuƩmono now becomes your best companion, because she is willing to help you in this task, making an effort to help you solve all the obstacles that you are going to encounter when preparing the clothes for the ceremony to which you are invited.

In addition, QuĆ©mono’s shoe models perfectly complement the communion dresses and rest of the outfit that you have chosen among our models, with the greatest elegance. This way the moms will be able to dedicate themselves to solving other issues that are also very important.

The QuƩmono shoe line includes flats and ballerinas in leather in different colours, blue, pink, tan, beige and green, seeking the freshness of natural colors while giving a touch of uniform color to all accessories, to achieve an elegant and delicate set.

From now on, girls will be able to wear all the matching accessories with the communion dress designs, even the shoes. They will be able to choose between ballet flats and leather ballerinas, which have crossed straps or ribbons and bows around the ankle. They are both classic and design, elegant and informal. They will also really enjoy wearing QuƩmono shoes when they put them on and discover that they can play comfortably without worrying about their feet.

Choose a ceremony shoe for a girl

Before choosing a ceremony shoe for a girl, choose the dress that it has to complement, then you can choose the shoe as well as all the other accessories that best suit the personality of the girl.

But watch out for girls’ shoes! It is very important that you take into account some rules. Choose your number, they should be neither too big nor too small. If the shoes are big, the foot can dance inside the shoe, and if they are smallā€¦ the consequences will be fatal. Choose a shoe that is loose enough that it won’t get in the way when you put it on the day of the event, allowing you to play all day!

Because you cannot forget that in a girl the most important thing is comfort. The shoe must allow the girl to play throughout the event and not limit her movements, her naturalness, her liveliest side, which expresses her spontaneity.

Another very important thing is the colors of the shoes. They must combine with the rest of the accessories to give the whole the necessary uniformity and elegance.

At QuĆ©mono we have designed a new line of ceremony shoes that combine freshness and design, and match the colors of the rest of the accessories of this brand, because for us it is important that the girl’s look at the ceremony is perfect and is a success, regardless of the model and accessories you have chosen. You can choose the color of accessories that most inspires you based on the girl’s personality, the color of the communion hairstyles that wear the girl, your skin or simply to your liking.

Quality shoes: put leather on your feet

Run away from fabrics and patent leather. Remember that fabrics are soft and not very durable, and patent leather does not breathe like other materials. They will be unsuitable for children’s shoes. Always choose leather for your children’s shoes.

QuĆ©mono knows this premise and offers you authentic leather shoes. A shoe made in Spain that has the best quality. Flats and ballerinas, for any season, it doesn’t matter when you celebrate the expected event, they are made of authentic leather. Made in Spain!

In addition, the insole of the QuƩmono shoe offers maximum comfort because it is padded, so the girl will not be bothered all day, even if she spends all her time running. What a pleasure to see you enjoy!

Let’s not forget that, since they are leather shoes, they will be very easy to clean, so you will have new shoes for entire seasons.

As always, QuƩmono takes special care to ensure that the girls are comfortable in their elegant dress, accompanied by unique accessories that combine beauty, quality and comfort.

The most suitable model: ballet flats and ballerina.

It is important to choose a closed shoe. Sandals off! The sandals will not be or respond to the elegance that the event deserves.

QuƩmono is committed to designer shoes, which is why it has ruled out mary janes, which with their crossed ribbon are reminiscent of the most common school designs.

The most current models are the ballerinas and ballet flats, and QuƩmono puts them within your reach. They are precious, closed and refined, so that your girl looks the best image of her in that important event, without forgetting comfort.

These shoes are the perfect accessory for girls’ dresses, and they are also going to be essential if we take into account that QuĆ©mono shoes come in all the colors you may need to complete the girl’s look.

Because a child should never stop playing, and her shoes should accompany him without disturbing him, QuƩmono shoes are above all comfortable and durable. At QuƩmono we work because children look like children.

Simple and functional shoes for girls

QuƩmono shoes are both simple and functional, because they are practical and versatile and comfortable.

That’s why forget the buckles and heels! You have to be careful with buckles, which often become the enemy of the foot. They can dig in or squeeze, making the shoe very uncomfortable. In addition, heels should be avoided, even if they are low. Girls do not need heels, because they lose their innocent image.

QuĆ©mono shoes preserve the candor of girls, their innocence and simplicity, that’s why they are leather shoes that complement their design with bows or crossed elastic straps. There are four options in QuĆ©mono ceremony shoes.

In addition, these shoes are very versatile since they can be used not only on the day of the event, but you can also enjoy them at any time, any day, even daily, due to their colors and durability.

QuƩmono shoes are also functional shoes that adapt to each occasion, because you can remove or recover the straps at any time, so that they adapt to the needs of the situation.

Look for a simple and elegant shoe. Choose the leather shoes that have two elastic fabric straps on the instep, casual and elegant in aqua green.

If a more versatile design suits you, you can opt for shoes with an ankle tie in the same colour. The bow is attached to the shoe thanks to a hidden bobby pin at the back. You can remove and put the bow so that the design adapts to other needs depending on the event you want to celebrate. You will find this model in several colors. The shoe is outlined by an edge of the same color as the straps. This model comes in various colours, slate blue with a darker edge, nude pink, tan or beige.

With any of these models you will be right, without a doubt, because the girl will wear an elegant and at the same time very comfortable look.

A QuƩmono shoe will exceed your expectations, because not only will it be perfect for the ceremony, but later you will be able to use it on any occasion, and you will get a great deal out of this accessory, because the girl will not want to stop wearing it!

Shoes specially designed for girls

When you choose a ceremony shoe for the girl, keep in mind her style and personality. It is she who has to look comfortable, adequate and elegant. Let us respect her identity within your advice. That way you will allow it to develop on a personal level. It is necessary to share, reach a consensus and that all parties are happy with the choice. Let’s not forget that QuĆ©mono’s shoes are specially designed for girls and you will be right with any option.

The most modern and restless girls care a lot about their appearance, they want to be elegant on any occasion, and that is why they look for design and quality. They themselves are up to date with the latest trends and are not going to give up the latest shoe designs, the most current and suitable to complement their dress. Surely you opt for the most classic models without losing that touch of modernity that the designs of QuƩmono shoes have.

Because the QuƩmono shoes also accompany the rest of the accessories in colors and style, in order to achieve the perfect set, the most modern and elegant, adapted to the tastes of the little ones and of course to the older ones, who will look for that touch of freshness and comfort.

You can opt for blue shoes that match the rest of the slate blue accessories or those made of blue tulle, even with the gray linen accessories. Pink shoes also combine with nude pink linen, tulle or chiffon accessories. Although there are girls who are more inclined to complement pink shoes with dusty pink linen and tulle sets or with raspberry velvet.

You can also find beige shoes with a tan border that combine with our linen or with our toasted velvet, or green combined with aqua green linen, tulle or gauze.