Blue leather shoes


Blue leather shoes. They have some crosses on the instep as a detail. The shoe has a dark blue edging as a detail in the same color as the ribbon. The bracelet cannot be attached to these shoes, since they do not have a loop on the back. The shoe insole is padded, which makes them very comfortable, ideal for spending the whole day at the ceremony. Made in Spain!
Shipping: if the order only contains shoes, they will be shipped in 24-48 hours.
Slate blue leather goes perfectly with our slate blue linen and blue tulle. Other customers also combine these shoes with our gray linen.

Shoe Size Guide

Size Foot length Foot width
24 15,4 cm 5,9 cm
25 16,1 cm 6 cm
26 16,8 cm 6,1 cm
27 17,4 cm 6,3 cm
28 18,1 cm 6,4 cm
29 18,7 cm 6,6 cm
30 19,5 cm 6,8 cm
31 19,8 cm 7 cm
32 20,4 cm 7 cm
33 21,2 cm 7,1 cm
34 21,8 cm 7,1 cm
35 22,4 cm 7,5 cm
36 23 cm 7,5 cm
37 23,8 cm 7,8 cm
38 24,5 cm 7,8 cm
39 25,2 cm 8,1 cm
40 26 cm 8,1 cm

Keep in mind

To find out your child’s foot size, follow the steps below (use the image to follow the steps correctly):

  1. Tape the heel of the foot to the wall.
  2. Put a meter next to the foot that touches the wall.
  3. Place a pencil vertically touching the tip of the foot, note the measurement to which the pencil tip points.
  4. Add 0.5 cm to this measurement to give you a margin so that the shoe does not squeeze you.
  5. Go to the size chart and look for the corresponding size. If the measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger of the two sizes.
girl's shoe size guide


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