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These communion shoes for girls are the ideal option. Choose the one you like best among all communion dresses. Match the shoes with the rest of the accessories to give the girl’s dress a special touch. Choosing well is crucial. But sometimes it can be very difficult to find the ideal shoe. QuĆ©mono knows what you are looking for and wants to help you. For this reason, this year 2023 we have made a line of designer ballerinas and ballet flats. They are original and comfortable. Thus, your girl will not lack for anything on that special day.Read more

QuƩmono is the perfect ally for you. He wants to help you on that day so much value. And the shoes are no less. Finish the perfect girls look! Buy in 2023 this line of leather communion shoes.

Take care of yourself and yours. How? With dress designs and hair accessories. Everything for you to enjoy with your family on a special day. These fine models look for children to look elegant. They are comfortable all the time. Here, children are children.

Ballerinas and ballet flats for first communion

Don’t you know what first communion shoe your girl is going to wear? Check out the offer of ballet flats and leather ballerinas for the new 2023 season. You will see that designs are not forgotten here. You will see ideal and original models.

At last this year girls can wear all the matching accessories. The leather ballet flats with straps that are tied with a bow at the foot. These shoes give a classic touch. Girls won’t want to go without shoes when they see how comfortable they are.

Leather shoes made in Spain

This new collection of leather shoes is of great quality. This line is made in Spain. In QuƩmono you can buy shoes, ballet flats and ballerinas. Being leather, they are ideal for spring and autumn. But also for summer and winter.

The insole of the shoe is soft. That makes them very comfortable. It is ideal to spend the whole day in communion. Help you and your family to enjoy that crucial day. To do this, the girls have to feel comfortable with the ceremony dress they choose. But the complements are not less. Therefore, choose some original shoes. And do not forget the quality and that they are comfortable.

Comfortable online shoes

These online communion shoes are practical and comfortable. Since they are leather, they last longer. The good thing is that they are not only used in communion. Other days are used. Use them on a daily basis, their colors can be worn every day.

The ribbons can be removed or put on whenever you want. That makes the flats adapt to any day. These online shopping communion slippers are easy to clean. You will have them clean all the time.

For girls it is the perfect accessory. They are a good option because of how comfortable they are. Their colors make them very pretty. Therefore, they can be used with a casual look. These communion shoes are suitable for every day. Surely the girls will not want to stop using them!

What communion shoes do you prefer for your girl?

QuĆ©mono brings this 2023 season its girl’s communion shoes made of leather and adorned with bows or cross straps. You have five models to choose from! You can choose between several colors, so they can be worn with any communion suit.

Do you want a very simple shoe? Opt for shoes with two cross straps on the foot. They have a more casual design. You can buy this shoe in water green leather.

Do you like a more elegant design? In that case, choose shoes with a bow at the foot that matches the color of the base. In this model the bow is attached to the shoe at the back. Remove this loop at any time to leave your foot free. The girl will be more comfortable in communion. And she will be able to adapt the shoe to other uses.

The shoe with bow at the foot is in various colors. In all of them the edge of the shoe matches the bow. The slate blue color has the darker edge as a detail. You can see the shoe in nude pink, tan, beige or white.

Original first communion shoes for girls

Enough of the classic white shoes for communion! QuƩmono adapts to fashion while helping its customers.

Today’s girls like to be elegant. It is a crucial day for them. Therefore, they look for the brands that offer you the best designs. QuĆ©mono is there for them. It is clear that they are not going to say no to original models for this special day. They want classic models with a touch of color.

In QuƩmono there are communion shoes to match the rest of the accessories. Make modern and original outfits like this. This suits the tastes of girls. All without losing the elegant touch of these unique days. Thus, this year the girls will wear an ideal model.

Communion shoes to match the accessories

There is very little left for the communion that you are going to do this year. Do you want to be sure that everything is perfect? Check out the new collection of accessories. Wear the shoes to match the girls’ headbands for hair that your girl will wear.

It is not the only time that this website helps you with the communion of children. You can wear communion shoes for girls with headbands, sashes… Combine the communion shoes with the dress of her dreams and the sash. And adapt the entire look to your daughter’s style.

Learn what to consider when choosing the perfect shoe. White is not the only option. Here are other colors. There are classic, fresh and designer background communion lines. All with a splash of color. Everything must be perfect whatever the model of the dress you want. Enhance the dress design with these colored shoes. Match the shoes with linen and tulle.

Here you have flat flats and ballerinas in various colors. You can choose slate blue, nude pink, tan, beige, aqua green and white. Realize what a touch of color brings to the whole. Choose the color of the communion shoes that the girl likes the most. Take into account the girl’s hair and skin. Not all girls like the color pink.

Slate blue leather shoes go very well with slate blue linen, blue tulle and gray linen. Nude pink skin goes great with nude linen, nude tulle and pink chiffon. You can wear pink shoes with powder pink linen and powder pink tulle. The tan or beige shoe has a border that goes great with tan linen.
If you choose aqua green leather you can wear it with aqua green linen, aqua green tulle and aqua green gauze.

Bring the whole family together with these girls’ shoes

You turn to these family events. QuĆ©mono wants to help you with all this. Not only do you have to dress the boy or girl for that day. Don’t forget to think about parents and siblings.

Nothing better than trusting QuĆ©mono to help you with the look of the whole family. Here you don’t only think about the communion set of your children. In the same way it extends to the whole family. Thus, that peace is breathed in the whole.

The mother can wear these comfortable matching shoes with the girl or the boy. The father can wear the matching tie. But not for all that we are going to forget about the brothers! You can choose shoes and sashes to match the communion girl.

These girl’s communion shoes are a step further. You can go with the whole family to match. Look at the colors on the web and choose the one that best suits your style and that of your girl.