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Original ceremony dresses for girls

If you are going with your daughter to a wedding or a special event, you may want to see these girls’ ceremony dresses. They are specially designed for these occasions. At Quémono we know that in these special celebrations you want your daughter to look beautiful. For this reason, we have created a collection of girl’s dresses for ceremonies with a wide variety of models. Whatever you are looking for, here you can find a perfect girl’s dress for your special events. A children’s suit for wedding has to have some specific elements. It is not a wardrobe staple. At Quémono we know this, and we are experts in clothing for special occasions. Here you can find a modern suit for your girl online or in our ceremony showroom in Madrid.

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We know that the use you give to the ceremony clothes is not so frequent. Therefore, here you will see models of cheap wedding dresses. Thus, you will not leave much budget in them. In addition, through the outlet you will have the option of accessing discounts on some models. Don’t worry, the quality of the outlet is the same as the rest of the store. The only thing different is that they are dresses from past seasons, or made in fabrics that are no longer manufactured. With so much variety, it is easy for you to find the perfect look among all these girls suits for weddings.

Although here you will find cheap girls ceremony dresses. You will see that the quality and customer service are still just as good. If you win, we win.

Are you looking for ceremony dresses for girls online?

In this section of our online children’s fashion store you can find suits from girls for weddings and party dresses. You can see the sets on our website and ask us any questions through the chat. You can also find these designs in some of the physical stores that we have in Spain. If you prefer, you can make a previous appointment at our showroom in Madrid. There you will see in person the ceremonial dresses for girls, and you will be able to try the clothes on your daughter. This way, you can make sure that she is wearing her dress well. You will be able to see if it is what you were looking for to go to the party with it. Ask us for the models in which you are interested. We will bring them from the warehouse and so you can see the page girl dresses that you like the most.

If you need to personalize the girl’s suit for the wedding, you can choose the fabric or the color of the set, depending on the case. But if you can’t customize everything you’d like on the web, write to us on the chat and we’ll make you a personalized design. You can choose the body of a dress, and put the sleeve of another model with the fabric of the body. You can also change the length, the shape of the neck of the dress, etc. We have assisted online shopping to help you at all times. We help you choose the model and fabric, take your girl’s measurements, etc. If you prefer, we can also measure the girl in the showroom. The goal is for you to find the girl’s party dress you are looking for, whether for a day or night event. You can even take your girl to the party to match other children.

Conjoined sibling designs

It is possible that, in addition to looking for a page boy dress for a girl, you want it to match other children. In our online store we give you solutions so that your children dress the same or together. Check out our children’s sets for weddings and tell us if you want us to be inspired by one for the design of your daughter’s suit. If you want boys and girls to match, it is good to take a look at the ceremony jumpsuits. You can choose them in different colors, and the children will be super handsome. We can also manufacture the two children’s garment with the same or similar fabrics. In this way, the children will be very well combined, even if the model is different. To improve your experience on the web when searching for products, we have put some filters on the online store. Filter products by fabric (linen dresses, velvet dresses…) and color (white, pink, tan…). In this way, you can quickly find a girl’s dress for a matching party with her brother. This is the easiest way to see all the models that match each other, whether they are boys or girls. In addition, these filters also help you search for girls’ flower girl dresses for winter and summer.

You can dress siblings of all ages together. If the siblings are of similar ages, if you use the web filters will be easy for you. But, if one of the siblings is a baby, you may not see it as easy. Don’t worry, we also make matching clothes for babies. You can customize a baby dress from of a girl’s model that you choose, and make the same suit but with a baby cut.

What kind of dresses are made in Quémono?

Modern dresses and varied designs

In Quémono, a wide variety of models of girls’ dresses for weddings are made. From long, midi or short wedding dresses, to white or colored dresses.

You will see dresses with long or short sleeves, with a square or round neckline. We also have girls dresses with ruffles and simple dresses. In short, here you can find the perfect girl’s dress for any event. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can write to us so that we can design a special suit for your girl. Through the web chat you can talk to the person who has designed the models. She will tell you the options you have and give you advice. We know that each person has a different taste and we want to adapt to you. We want to give you a good solution for such an important decision.

Affordable price

If you are also looking for cheap girl suits, don’t miss the selection we have for you. Filter by price and discover the wedding dresses for girls of all ages based on price. In addition, you can access discounts on suits and arras dresses. In our outlet you will see the cheap girl ceremony dresses that we have on offer.

National product

All our garments are made in Spain. We believe that the impact on society and the environment must be taken into account. Among other things, that is why Quémono seeks to promote responsible consumption. This not only serves to encourage the work of local people. It also helps to give higher quality to the service and the clothes you buy. It allows us to further customize the clothing you choose, have more control when manufacturing, and deliver faster.

Quémono is a brand made in Spain. Our system is based on a network of seamstresses who sew Quémono’s clothes in Madrid. For us, it is very valuable that these seamstresses have control of their own work. In this way, we are the ones who adapt to your times and schedules.

Children’s clothing for special events: from weddings to cocktails

In this section you can find children’s clothing designed for special events, such as weddings, baptisms or communions. These are the most typical events, but they are not the only ones. Her grandpa’s 60th birthday will be an occasion for which your little girl will want to wear her evening party dress. And she’s not without reason… The silver wedding of some family friends can also be an occasion for your daughter to look beautiful and elegant. Or New Year’s Eve at home, why not? Here you will always find elegant dresses for events with which the little ones are comfortable and happy. In this section you can find a wide variety of girl dresses for parties of all kinds.

Many times it is the event itself that determines how to dress. But other times it depends on how you want the girl to go. Or how she wants to go. For example, to a party or a work cocktail where you have to go with children, how do you go? Depends. The girl’s cocktail dress will depend on the etiquette of the party or how dressed up you want her to be.

Dress up your little girl in a trendy party dress

These party dresses have an original and modern design. They are simple sets with which to go to events in which you want to enjoy and relax. Keep in mind that the clothes we choose and the desire to have fun are closely related. If we go very pompous, or with uncomfortable clothes, we may not feel as free as we would like. For this reason, we bet on simple designs that invite you to be relaxed and enjoy the moment. For example, the Rita ottoman dress. It is a white dress with French sleeves topped with large ruffles. The neckline is round. Dresses like this maintain the innocence of the girl and make her feel comfortable.

But in the end, buying a modern party dress for your little girl is just the beginning. It also influences what you combine it with: hair accessories, shoes, sash, etc. Contact us and it will be a pleasure to help you choose the complete set.

The trend of plumeti dresses for girls

One of the most common trends in recent years for party dresses for girls is that of dottie dresses. The plumeti itself is not a fabric, it is a quality in which formal dresses are made. They are fabrics that have very small polka dots, usually of a different texture than the base fabric. At Quémono we work with plumeti tulle fabrics and plumeti batiste. The difference is that in plumeti tulle the polka dots are not transparent and the base is. In the plumeti cambric it is almost always the same color, but the polka dots are raised, as if they were sewn.

With these fabrics, we make different plumeti dresses for girls. On the one hand, we have the Rita Frusfrus dress, a true classic. It is a white girl’s dress made of plumeti batiste, with ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves and the skirt. On the other hand, we also have several plumeti tulle dresses for girls. Depending on the age, you can choose different types of dresses. For example, the Mariela dress is more childish, it has a plumeti tulle overskirt and is sleeveless. On the other hand, the Sofia dress is in one color and has a layer of plumeti tulle and unlined plumeti tulle sleeves. The latter is one of our best-selling event dresses. Perhaps it is our customers’ favorite plumeti dress for girls.

Choosing ceremony clothes for girls is difficult, but when it comes to teenagers, it is worse. It is possible that the perfect dress for her is not the ceremony dress that you like the most. Therefore, it is best to talk to us. We will tell you how you can customize the party dress so that both you and her are happy.

Even if you are looking for ceremony dresses online and want to customize your model, with us it is very easy. For example, if you want to add long sleeves to a short-sleeved dress that you like. Write through the chat to find out if the changes you want can be made. If it is easy to do, you will have it at no additional cost. If the fabric or composition changes, we will make you a personalized price.

The girl’s dresses for weddings that preserve innocence

At Quémono we want children to preserve the innocence that makes them unique. For this reason, here you will see online ceremony dress designs for girls with which your children look like children, instead of adults or princesses. We want your children to feel comfortable with the clothes they wear. Let them see that the design of the dress is according to how they feel. Quémono’s design flees from styles overloaded with details and heavy dresses, and seeks to design simple dresses. Thus, they will be able to enjoy the event and have a good memory, which is the most essential thing for children. In addition to the comfortable arras dresses, we also have special garments for this, such as skirts. These skirts are worn over the girl’s ceremony dress. In this way, your girl will have the white skirt on for the ceremony. In the celebration, she will be able to take off her skirt to make way for a more comfortable dress and more designed for her to have fun. Thus, your daughter can play during the celebration without damaging her dress. Thanks to that, you can be calmer while she has a good time. On the other hand, not all girls are comfortable in a dress. That’s why it’s important to have other options, like overalls, overalls, or pants. In this way, all the girls will have a suitable ceremony dress according to their tastes.