Girl's headbands

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Headbands are a very useful hair adornment. They go very well with ceremonial suits. They fit well, save time and are thin. They save a lot of time when combing your daughter. No to bows or braids. Better place the headband on loose hair.Read more

With the headband your little girl will hardly worry about her hair. Thus, she will be very comfortable at the ceremony. You can wear the headband as many times as you want. Not just at the event. Use it on a daily basis. The headbands do not come loose. They are the best decoration.
Here you will see the headbands you are looking for. There are several types of headbands. Make your daughter look good in photos. There are many types of headbands and various colors. You can choose the linen bandana headband. This one has a knot loop and is wide. The knot headband is simpler. The cat ears headband is more cheerful for children. The lined headband is more classic. The flax worm headband, more discreet. Wear it to match other decorations. It is ideal to finish the ceremony look.

Communion headbands for girls

Communion day is very busy. You are in a hurry and there are things to do at the end. Girls usually take care of the communion dress, since until now they have not worn such long dresses. Headbands are a great help in these cases. It is easy to comb your daughter. And with a nice and fine hairstyle. Here you will see many headbands, but the most successful are:

Bow headbands

We love this type of headbands. They are very pretty. They may look less formal, but they are not. That makes your daughter feel more comfortable. Bow headbands for a day as long as communion are the best.

Headbands for girls of ceremony and arras

The girls of ceremony and arras must be comfortable. They are usually younger girls. If they don’t like something they will take it away and go play. Ceremony headbands and arras are the best option in these cases. There are many colors. Does your daughter have a wedding? In these days of stress it is best to do a simple hairstyle. Don’t forget that minors can go with the cat ears headband. It is very cheerful!

White headbands

White headbands are the best headbands for a ceremony. White is a formal color. This color goes with everything. In general, the girl’s dresses have white tones. Mix of this type of dresses and white headbands, is a sure hit.

Original handmade headbands

These headbands are handmade in Madrid, one by one. So they are unique. That makes them original, don’t you think? By making them by hand they have more value. They are made with love. You are not alone. Here you will be helped. Buy a headband that fits your little girl’s shape well.
We have many suits for you. You can choose the color of each of the designs. There are many options. Choose the headband in a color that matches the dress. Or choose a contrasting color.
You can see difficult to choose. But keep in mind that you have help. Let’s find an ideal headband for the girl.