Velvet knot headband


Velvet headband with knot as an ornament. Ideal for autumn celebrations due to the warmth of velvet. The perfect little girl’s hair ornament: it doesn’t get in the way behind the ears.
The headbands are not manufactured, but we usually take a couple of days to make them if it is the only item in the order, otherwise they will be shipped at the same time as the rest of the garments.
(¡Psst! Nuria has matched the gray headband with a white ceremonial blouse, and a skirt and a gray velvet jacket, to match the headband. Ana has combined the headband in toasted brown with a printed communion dress)
Let us know if you prefer the headband in another fabric to match the dress!

Quémono! headbands are suitable for children and adults, but if you think that your little one will fit too big, you can write us an email, a WhatsApp or call us ❤️

We make them to order, that’s why it takes a couple of days. The good thing is that you can order changes on the headband you see! They will always come out with the product you order which is later (at most three weeks).

Keep in mind

Do you have doubts about the colors? Here is a picture of some velvet bulletins and the color match (but note that the color will look different depending on the screen).

Bottle green velvet
Navy blue velvet
Gray velvet
Powdered pink velvet
Toasted velvet
Burgundy velvet


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