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Have you ever wondered what a headpiece really is? Yes, you are right if you say that a headpiece is a large hairpin, a ribbon, a scarf, but you can also think that only the hair ornament that has flowers is called a headdress.

All of the above is true. A headpiece is an adornment designed for the head. It is a complement to the hairstyle. It is a unique garment with which it is possible to give greater elegance to the girl’s outfit.

There have been headpieces for a long time, let us remember the lady of Elche, she wore a large headdress on her head that symbolized her social category.

The headpiece can be more or less simple and more or less large. It can cover the whole head or just part of it. There are times when the headpiece is linked to the hairstyle, filling it with ornaments.

In Quémono we have a wide variety of headpieces. From the half crown, the tweezers or the combs of preserved flowers. There are also headdresses with tulle and linen flowers or even pompoms in spring or autumn colours. This store also sells the paniculata headdress or hairpins made of linen and tulle flowers.

Girl’s communion headpieces

Communions are usually celebrated in spring. Therefore, it is best to place flowers in the hair at this time of year. It is best to choose spring decorations, flower crowns or other floral decorations such as headbands, sets of flower hairpins, clips… they are perfect to complete the look of girls in communions. They give you a look of innocence and tenderness on this special day. Yes, all the headpieces, both the crowns and the flower hairpins for girls are made by hand in this online store.

Remember that with any floral ornament in your hair you are not only going to give the outfit a bohemian and carefree touch. You will also collaborate in the necessary elegance that the communion look requires.

But it is not only the crown itself, the headpiece or the flower hairpins that you choose, the composition or the volume that they have that matters. It is crucial how you put it on.

In any case, whatever the choice, make sure that the crown, diadem, headpiece or hairpins are very well fixed to the hair. Keep the flower headpiece from moving for the duration of the event, no matter what the girl does.

Do not add more accessories, or very flashy necklaces or earrings. These ornaments are superfluous and will take center stage and compete with the hair ornaments that you place.

Girl’s communion headpieces handmade

Whatever you choose, headpieces or hair ornaments will have to be handmade. Yes, all the hair ornaments offered by Quémono are handmade.

But avoid natural fresh flowers. Keep in mind that these flowers will go bad very quickly. If what you want are natural flowers or leaves, they do not have to be fresh. Choose to place preserved natural flowers or leaves in your hair. You also have the option of natural dehydrated flowers. You can search among the wide variety of flowers and colors that are in this online store. All combined with the communion look that your girl will wear.

And the best, they are made one by one. That is why all the decorations will be unique and special to highlight the innocence of the girls on their communion day.

Headpieces for weddings. The bride and the girls of arras

At a wedding, the bride seeks both natural elegance and the freshness of white, spring and innocence.

Therefore, a bride can always complete her dress with a headpiece. She with it she will get the touch of glamor essential.

Flower headpiece, with a romantic and innocent look, are the perfect complement. They must be carefully adjusted to hold the veil and adapt to its fall. Many times above the tulle they will have a greater role.

Likewise, the bride can choose to form a complete group with the girls who will take the deposit of her.

After the bride, the leading role in the ceremony is carried by the girls of the deposit. These girls are going to carry some flowers in a basket adorned with bows, or in a small bouquet. Many times they scatter petals that they carry in a small container to enlarge the path that the bride will pass through.

How to choose the ideal headpiece for hair

A headpiece is a perfect complement to the ceremony or communion dress. It completes it and gives it a greater entity. But what kind of headpiece to choose? Look for its special touch, the romantic, elegant, classic, informal or delicate touch, depending on the image that is intended.

headpieces of preserved flowers or pompoms are the best. And it is that placing flowers in the hair can give a perfect balance to the look. A balance between informal and formal, bohemian and sophisticated. They are the ideal complement to adorn the hair at all events.

The crucial thing is to choose a headpiece that suits the girl’s style and personality. And of course, without losing comfort. Likewise, we must take into account the type of event that we celebrate. Depending on the occasion you can choose one headdress or another

crowns, clips, small headpieces with flowers or pompoms or just a set of linen or tulle flowers. Quémono offers you all these options in different colors combined with the rest of the girl’s look accessories.

Hair headpieces for ceremony girl

There is a wide variety of headpieces. Crowns, hairpins, sets of flowers or pompoms, ribbons, clips, flower headbands. Also, keep in mind that headpieces can be full of flowers or simply be a light support with flowers or leaves attached. Their common characteristic is that the headdresses are always a set of flowers or pompoms.

To choose your ceremonial headpiece, you must take into account the size and shape of the ornament you have chosen for the hair. And of course the style of the girl, the dress she complements or the result you are looking for depending on the event she attends.

If you are looking for a more risky, braver look, you can wear just one accessory or combine several adornments. You can place, for example, a headband combined with a headdress or flower hairpins at the back.

The handmade floral headpiece can be placed on the head for a more colorful look. Or if you can not take it back in harmony with the hairstyle if you are looking for a more sophisticated image.

Depending on the girl’s style, you will decide the ornament you want her to wear in her hair. Do not forget that the hairstyle must receive the chosen hair ornament and therefore it is one more element. In the end, it is the determining factor of the image that you are going to give. With your hair down, place a crown or headband on your head. If you have opted for a very small updo at the back, decorate it with flowers, hairpins or a headdress. If in the end you have decided to collect all your hair back in a bun, it is best to place flowers or a headpiece in a way that enhances the collection. You can also wear it with a crown or a headband.

And of course, it is best to choose headpieces with handmade flowers or pompoms. They are handmade one by one. As you can see, each one is unique and unrepeatable.

But don’t choose your accessory, crown, headpiece or hairpins just based on the event you’re attending, without taking into account the girl’s personality. Keep in mind that, for example, with a flower crown you can highlight her personality, if she is a girl in which her childish naivety stands out, her sweetness. However, for a more active, mischievous girl, you should opt for a more daring style. So look for the flower hair accessories that best suit her character, without forgetting the demands that the event in question will impose.

And the choice depends not only on the hairstyle and how the girl is. It should also match the outfit. Keep in mind that all the accessories accompany the dress, not the dress to the accessories. The flowers that are inserted in the hair in one way or another, the crown, the headpiece or the hairpins, subtle and delicate, have to play with the rest of the outfit or dress. They have to play with the personality of the girl, with her character and with the hairstyle you want her to wear.