How to buy at Quémono!


We are pleased to greet you in this part of our website, this means that you like what we do. and you want one of our garments. Of course… it also means that you have doubts about how to shop at Quémono!

Peace of mind! It is very simple and here we are going to tell you all the steps you must follow to have your Quémono! garment at home in less than you can imagine.

How do I choose the size?

The first thing you should do is consult our size guide, where you will also find how to take your measurements. Already have it? Well, we continue.

The second step is to take the measurements to choose the size, keep in mind that the measurements that appear in the guide are of the garments (not of the children) and that the garments must have between 2 and 4 cm of slack in the pattern… Here is an example!

If the circumference of a size in the guide is 57cm, ideally the boy or girl you are measuring should be between 53 and 55 cm.

Now it’s time to choose the model you want to buy. Select the model, choose the color and get excited about what you will soon receive at home.

If you think there is anything we should know when placing your order, feel free to put it in the “additional notes” boxes that will appear when you go to checkout.

When will I receive my order?

We usually manufacture our garments in about three weeks and ship within 24 hours. Does that seem like a long time? Keep in mind that at Quémono! we do not mass-produce, we make each garment individually, which makes it unique. We assure you that the wait will be well worth it.

But, if you can’t wait three weeks to see your little one dressed in his or her Quémono! garment, we offer you several options:

Manufacturing in two weeks
10% supplement
Manufacturing in one week
Supplement of 20%.

If you choose either of these two options, your orders will move up several places in the production queue and you will be able to have them at home in less time. Everything is solved!

Shipping costs 5 € if it is within the Community of Madrid and 7 € if you want to receive it somewhere else in the peninsula. We work with a transport company that treats your garments with the utmost delicacy and meets delivery times exactly. This saves us worries and allows you to enjoy your Quémono! garment in the stipulated time.

Is there any other way to receive my order even faster?

Of course, you can always contact us to check our stock. Your favorite garment may be waiting for you in our warehouse!

Can I customize my garments?

Of course, we can change fabrics, shorten skirts, modify sleeves, make garments with a baby cut (shorter and with a collar)… whatever you need. All these changes are possible thanks to the versatility of our workshop and its ability to adapt, so they carry a supplement that allows you to stop normal production and prepare the order of your dreams.

How will I receive my order?

You may have already noticed that at Quémono! we take care of the details and the packaging could not be less. You will receive a small box in which you will find your garment delicately wrapped in Pinocchio paper and with Quémono! details that will remind you of the specialness of the shipment you have just received.

And if I didn't get it right, can I make an exchange or refund?

We accept exchanges and returns of all garments that are not personalized, (except for communion dress lengths), as long as the garments are unworn, unwashed and within the return period.

I need someone to advise me on my purchase, is it possible?

Of course, our purchasing team is at your disposal to advise you at all times. We are aware that you acquire Quémono! garments for special occasions and we want everything to be perfect. Therefore, we will advise you and solve your doubts at all times.


In short, the whole Quémono! team works to make your shopping experience simple, personalized and just plain cute!