Manufacturing times

En Quémono trabajamos individualmente bajo pedido con cada encargo, de manera que al entrar en el taller cada prenda tiene un nombre y unos apellidos, desde el corte del patrón hasta el planchado final.

For us, each garment is special because it is based on the desires and needs of each customer. For that reason, in our world, everything is customizable and can be changed according to one’s tastes or preferences.

The first step, when an order is confirmed, is to disassemble it in different parts to define each detail that composes it. The data is passed to the workshop, where the standard patterns are taken and modified, if necessary, to adapt the garment to the customer’s measurements. In most cases, the modification involves a specific length, a change of fabric or adding or removing sleeves to a dress. For this reason, our processes are the opposite of industrialization. We do not sew in series, we do not mass-produce, we do not have stock. Our dresses have names and surnames, measurements and details. Sometimes, they even carry complexes and problems that we like to help disguise. In Quémono! all children have a place, because all bodies are different and beautiful. We get the most out of each person!

At Quémono we take our time to guarantee quality and detail. For this reason, the production time for each order is between 3 and 4 weeks, because there are many orders at the same time in the workshop, and we cannot afford to be in a hurry and confuse colors, models and sizes. Our line is made with care and attention, our dresses are cut, sewn, finished, ironed and checked with great care so that when the customer receives it, tries it on and looks at it in the mirror, he/she can only smile.

Even so, if you are in a hurry and the event is coming soon (or if you are in a hurry or urgent with your order), we have our express rate, which will allow your order to come out of the oven earlier.

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