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At this online store, you will find the dress pants for boys you were looking for. A set that fits their needs and makes them comfortable on the big day. These pants are ideal for any special event. In the catalog, you have available pants of different models and styles, from skinny pants to short dress pants for boys. You will find pants made of different fabrics for each season. Read more

Next, we will take a journey through our collection so you can appreciate the range of boys’ pants we have at Quémono. We will see the pants you can buy according to length. Long dress pants come in two designs: regular fit and slim fit, depending on whether your child is more classic or likes to be up to date with the latest trend. Although most of this category is made up of long pants, we will also see short dress pants for boys.

We will also navigate through the world of fabrics and all the options they can give to the outfit. The fabric has a fundamental weight in the model, determines the touch, and how warm the set is. In this case, we will see cotton chinos and linen pants, a cooler option for spring.

We will see the colors, the advantages, and disadvantages of wearing white versus colored pants, we will see how to match the boys’ pants with vests, shirts, and other accessories depending on the pants we choose. We will also comment on other pieces of children’s clothing to create outfits that make your child look handsome. Finally, we will study the possibility of buying dress pants for boys as a gift. Discover all the news here!

Ceremony pants for boys

The pants in this category are designed according to the latest trends. They are suitable for boys invited to ceremonies and other events. If your child has been invited to a wedding, with one of these outfits, your child will be up to the occasion. In the case that you are going as a family to a communion or baptism, with these ceremony pants for boys, you won’t go wrong. Choose the safe option with Quémono. If you have any doubts about the type of pants you need, write to us and we will help you choose. There is a little trick to raise or lower the elegance of these dress pants. If you need your child to be especially elegant, for example, at a wedding, in addition to wearing especially elegant shoes, it is very interesting for him to wear his shirt tucked in. Keep in mind that your child has to be suitable and aligned with the elegance required by the occasion. However, there are occasions that are less elegant, such as a birthday or a Sunday when you want him to look handsome. In those cases, the child can wear his shirt untucked to cushion the implied elegance of the pants.

Our collection of pants for boys

In our collection of pants for boys you will find a wide range of models to choose from. You have more than 12 dress pants for boys available. From classic and elegant styles (like the navy blue straight linen pants) to more modern and daring options (like the skinny long water green pants), our collection has options for all tastes. All pants for boys from Quémono have practical pockets on the sides that your child can use to put their toys, money, or any other small things they need to keep. In addition, the pants are fastened with a zipper and a button on the front in a traditional way. To encourage your child’s comfort, the pants have an adjustable elastic band on the waist, so that they can be perfectly adapted to your child’s contour. Finally, the pants have loops on the waistband. It is an element that gives flexibility to the outfit, as it allows you to combine it with the belt of your choice. The belt can be a key piece to modify the elegance of the outfit according to your needs.

Wide range of pants for children according to length

Quémono offers a wide variety of dress pants for boys, with different lengths to suit all occasions and seasons of the year. Regarding the length of the pants, in our collection of boys’ pants you can find both long pants and shorts. Among the long pants, you can choose regular fit pants, which are the most classic, or slim fit pants, a more modern and fitted option. All our pants are made with high-quality materials to guarantee your child’s durability and comfort throughout the day.

Long dress pants: an elegant option

Long dress pants are an elegant option for any occasion. Long pants are the most common garment at events, so with this option, you will be sure to succeed. Within the long pants for boys, you have several models. At Quémono, we offer more fitted options, such as skinny or slim fit pants, which are one of the latest children’s trends in recent years. For more classic tastes, you can also find regular fit pants or straight pants in this catalog.

Regular fit: classic straight pants

Regular fit dress pants are a classic and more formal option. In our online store, you have straight pants available made of linen, a winning choice if your child has been invited to a communion in spring due to the freshness it brings. The composition of the linen used in the pants is 50% linen / 50% cotton. In this category, you can see sets of white regular fit pants, beige, navy blue, and slate blue. That way, you can see how they look when combined with shirts, jackets, vests, and jackets.

Slim fit: skinny pants as one of the trends

Slim fit dress pants are one of the most popular trends in children’s fashion in recent years. Keep in mind that the fabric they are made of is not stretchy, so these pants cannot be overly tight. This model is available in both linen and cotton so you can wear it in any month of the year. These pants streamline the figure, becoming a very interesting option. In our collection, we offer different options of colors and fabrics to choose from. You have them available in beige cotton, gray linen, water green linen, white linen, and beige linen.

The dress shorts for boys add a touch of freshness

For more informal occasions, dress shorts for boys are a fresh and comfortable option. It is also an ideal option for the hottest days of the year such as the month of July. If you have a wedding in July and it fits that your child can go a little more informal, this is your model. In addition, it gives more freedom of movement to the child in the legs so he can play and run. We have created different sets for boys for you with shorts for boys. For example, the navy blue linen shorts are a more classic option, while the slate blue shorts set is a little more relaxed and playful. Finally, the white shorts are a wildcard that you can use with any shirt, although we recommend that your child wears it with a colored shirt.

Type of pants according to fabric

At our online store, we have a wide range of options depending on the type of dress pants for boys you are looking for. Dress pants for boys are made in different fabrics to suit all seasons and needs. We offer cotton dress pants, which are a warm and comfortable option for the colder months, and linen pants for boys, which are a cool and lightweight option for the warmer months.

Cotton chino pants

Wearing chino pants is always a sure bet. These chino pants are made of 100% cotton twill. They are a warm option, highly recommended if your boy is going to attend a ceremony or event in winter. In this catalog, you can see the chino pants in beige, but they are also available in other colors such as olive green or burgundy. In this case, the available pants are slim fit.

Linen pants for boys: perfect for spring

If you are looking for something cool and comfortable for your children during the spring months, linen pants for boys are an excellent choice. These junior pants are made of a blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton, which makes them soft to the touch and breathable. At Quémono, you will not only find a wide variety of linen pants for boys, but you can also choose from different designs and styles, such as slim fit or regular fit pants. Additionally, if you are looking for dress shorts for boys, at Quémono you will find them in linen. Linen pants are an excellent option for any occasion, whether it’s a walk on the boardwalk in summer or a family dinner. Why not choose something that is comfortable and fashionable at the same time? At Quémono, we are committed to offering you the best quality children’s clothing, to take care of your children as necessary.

Basic models from our collection as a wardrobe staple

In our collection of dress pants for boys, we have basic models that are essential in any wardrobe staple. White pants for boys are a classic and elegant option that goes with everything. You can have a single pair of pants and match it with a shirt of any color. In addition to white pants, at Quémono you can also buy pants in other colors. If you are looking for a wardrobe staple pant, we recommend choosing beige dress pants or gray dress pants. Both are classic and elegant options that go with everything. We will show you later how to combine these pants.

White pants for boys

White pants for boys are basic for any look, as they are an elegant and sophisticated option for any occasion. In addition to their impeccable aesthetics, these pants for boys can also be practical for your child if precautions are taken. If your child does not play on the ground, white pants can be an excellent option to avoid headaches in the morning when dressing him.

To create a complete junior look, you can combine white pants with a variety of shoe and shirt options. There are beige leather shoes available at Quémono that match any type of pants in this collection. These shoes could be an excellent option to combine with white pants for boys. As for the shirt, you can use a wide range of colors, such as beige, water green or gray.

In addition, white pants also offer great versatility in terms of style. They can be a suitable option for formal events, such as weddings or parties, but they can also be used for more casual outfits.

Boy’s Dress Pants in Color

Color dress pants are a more childish and fun option for your boy. Additionally, if he likes to play on the floor, colored pants have the advantage over white ones that stains will be less noticeable, especially if it’s a dark color like navy blue. Let’s see how to combine pants in the two main colors: beige and gray. However, keep in mind that you can also buy pants in other colors, such as navy blue, aqua green, or dusty pink.

Beige Dress Pants

Beige dress pants are a classic and elegant option for any occasion. Chino pants in beige are the most successful type of pants. In this category, you can see several looks that we have created with beige dress pants. You can find them available in both slim fit and regular fit, as well as in linen and cotton. One of the looks that can be most successful is the slim fit beige dress pants matched with a beige vest. The shirt for the look would be white, a classic option. Finally, the shoes would be beige leather, so that it matches harmoniously with the rest of the outfit. You also have a look available with beige cotton pants. In this case, use a mandarin collar shirt with buttons halfway up the shirt. Gray shoes look great with this outfit. Lastly, you can also see beige straight style pants combined with a beige Japanese jacket and beige espadrilles.

Grey Dress Pants

Grey dress pants are a more original option than beige pants. Grey is a neutral color that goes well with a great variety of colors. In this online pants store, you can see a complete outfit created with grey dress pants. In this look, the boy is wearing grey slim fit pants matching with a grey blazer. The shirt he is wearing is the Flavio with a collar. The beige linen tie matches with the beige leather espadrilles.

Junior-style children’s clothing to create surprising outfits

At Quémono, we offer a wide range of basic products for children of all ages, including our specialty: junior profiles. We are always innovating and improving, looking for new ways to create children’s clothing that is not only attractive but also comfortable and functional for the little ones.

In this category, we have focused on dress pants for boys, as we believe they are a key piece for a wardrobe foundation. We have worked hard to offer you a varied selection of options, from classic styles to more modern and daring designs. Additionally, we have provided you with ideas and suggestions to help you create surprising outfits.

Outfits with dress pants for boys: style tips

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create outfits with dress pants you have purchased. Here you will learn how to combine the pants. If you want an elegant outfit for your child to attend a formal event, we recommend pairing them with vests or blazers and a white shirt. These vests or blazers can be worn in the same color as the pants, to create a more harmonious outfit, or in a different color (but not matching the color of the pants), to create a more original outfit. If it’s not cold, you can also wear it without a vest or blazer. In this case, you can create a casual outfit by pairing the pants with a Mao collar shirt, or if you are looking for a more formal style, you can wear it with a Flavio shirt and a linen tie.

Online store with a wide variety of gift novelties

In our online store, you will find a wide variety of gift novelties. From dress pants for boys to other children’s clothing and accessories, we have options for all tastes and needs. If the child you are giving the gift to already has pants, we recommend giving them an accessory so that the child can create their outfit with greater freedom. Beige shoes can be a good option as they go well with everything. You can’t go wrong with a white shirt.

In summary, at Quémono, you will find a wide range of boys’ dress pants to choose from. From long pants to shorts, both in linen and cotton, for all seasons. Additionally, in our online store, you will find other children’s clothing and accessories to create surprising outfits. Visit us and discover all our novelties!