Sashes and bows

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Choosing a sash for your girl’s dress

In this section you will find a wide variety of ceremony and communion sashes and bows to complete your little girl’s dress. The sashes for dresses are an essential complement in the world of communion and ceremony. These sashes for communion dresses for girls complete the outfit in a unique way. With them you can make a bow on the back of the dress.Read more

Due to the great value of this complement, we sell in our online store loose sashes. You may have already bought one of these modern communion dresses for girls, but you don’t have a belt that fits well with that dress. In that case, here you can buy only the sash. What’s more, in Quémono we make different designs. You will see gathered sashes, plain sashes, sashes with ruffles, with more or less body, etc. With these designs you can choose the fabric and color of the sash. This way, you can match it with the other accessories. Your girl can wear the sash with matching headbands, headdresses, capes, boleros, etc. In this way, you can buy a
sash that fits your little girl. For example, with the Daniela dress, your little girl will look great wearing a velvet ribbon with color matching the dress details. In other cases, the sash will be the part of the look that has the most presence in the ceremony ensemble. For example, in the case of the Tania party dress in white with the gray organza sash. Ask us for advice and get help to match the sash. Remember that we are experts in communions, ceremonies and baptisms.. On the other hand, you can not only buy the sashes you see in the online store. You can also customize your sash with a fabric and color of your choice. This way, you will be able to wear the sash to match almost any outfit. Make the dress to your liking and choose the belt based on that dress. You can also have the girl wear the sash to match her brother’s outfit. For example, the girl’s sash to match the boy’s pants. If you want to see the sash in person, or have the girl try it on, you can come to our showroom in Madrid. There the girl or the boy will be able to try everything on. This way, you can find out if the sash matches the rest of the outfit. The best thing to do is to bring the dress so we can see the look with the sash on.

Sashes and bows for communion dresses

The communion sashes for girls are an essential complement for this type of events. The communion ribbons are very long so that the sash has a length similar to the length of the dress.

There is a communion ribbon that you will surely like for being original: the Natura sash. It is hand dyed with flowers. It is a great work of art made by the artist Ana Sosa. Each one of these sashes has a different drawing and, as it is handmade, no more can be made. It is a unique sash, don’t let them take it out of your hands!

In this section you will find sashes made in different fabrics: organza bows for communion, of linen, tulle, cotton, etc. In the same way, depending on the fabric you choose, you can choose the color of the sash. Choose colors to match other communion accessories, such as headbands or headdresses. Some of the colors you can find in this section are: aqua green, pink, blue, burgundy, white, etc.

Communions are usually held in spring and summer. That is why the sashes for communion dresses we have are made in fabrics of that time. However, it is possible that your daughter will celebrate her communion in autumn and winter. In these cases, you can choose a summer design for us to make with winter fabrics such as velvet.

Fabrics for the bows and belts for communion dressesn

The belt is an item of great value in every communion dress. It is a garment with a lot of presence in the look of your little girl. You have to be careful when choosing it, and take into account the key aspects. In this store, you will be able to choose a wide range of communion belts.

Linen sashes

If you are looking for linen sashes, Quémono is your site. Linen is a light fabric that is very easy to process. In this store you can choose a linen sash in almost any color. White, aqua green, pink, blue, etc. sash. This fabric has a lot of body, so it allows you to make a big bow on the back of the dress. A bow made with this fabric is likely to hold more than if it is made in other fabrics. It is a very useful fabric for both for bows for baby dresses as well as for girls’ dresses.

Organza sashes

Silk organza is a beautiful and very elegant fabric. It is ideal for this type of ceremonies where purity reigns. The organza lets a little light through. Therefore, this fabric gives a different style than the one you will get with linen. In this fabric you have less color options than with linen. But you can choose the color. For example, we have white, ochre, blue, moss, etc. bows.

Sashes and tulle bows

The tulle sash has very little body. Therefore, with it you can make a bow with less presence and less shape, more droopy. Tulle is a very nice fabric that lets light through, which weighs less than the other fabrics we have seen. Because it weighs so little, the fabric moves a lot as the girl moves. Also, the colors of the fabrics we have are very colorful. All this makes the tulle communion ribbons a very good option.

Velvet sashes

These are the communion belts with more body and more weight. With these sashes you can make a bow on the back rigid. Therefore, it will be more difficult to lose the shape of the bow you have made. Velvet is a very soft and comfortable fabric for children. It is the ideal fabric for communions and winter ceremonies. Choose this sash in burgundy, gray, tan, or pink.

Cotton and shantung sashes

For this type of fabric we have fewer designs. Even so, one of the ones we have is the Natura sash, a beautiful handmade sash with painted flowers. We also have other options, such as the Belén communion sash, a cotton gauze and white tulle sash. As for the shantung, in the store you can only choose for children. However, contact us by chat and we will tell you if you can buy it. It is possible that we can make another sash with this fabric.

Ceremony and arras sashes

Ceremony sashes are usually shorter than communion sashes, as are dresses. For these events, you can find both lazos de vestido para niña like boys’ sashes for a wedding. This type of sashes are widely used when the child goes to a wedding or other ceremonies. For example, they are a very good option for sashes for wedding dresses. In the case of the girls, the sash is tied at the back of the dress as in the communions. However, in the case of boys, the bow of the sash is tied on the side. That is the most typical, but you can choose other options. For example, you can tie the girl’s sash on the side, or even on the front of the dress.

For weddings and ceremonies, you can find sash designs made with winter and summer fabrics. This is because the ceremonies are spread out more throughout the year.

Bows for baby dresses

Here you will not only find sashes for girls, but also baby sashes for weddings and ceremonies. These sashes are thinner and lighter than the baby girl sashes. The baby girl dress and back bow look is very cute. On the other hand, for babies we don’t have so many designs. Still, you can make the design as you like for your baby. Remember, we don’t only have the fabrics you see in the store. We can make the sash in cotton or shantung.

Baptism sashes

Finally, in this section you can also see sashes and bows for baptisms baby sashes. Many of these sashes, in principle are for ceremony, but what is a christening if not a ceremony? It’s best to choose your fabric depending on whether you’re looking to go more formal at the christening or more casual. If you want to go more formal, take a look at our baby bow sash made in organza. In case you don’t want to go so formal, don’t miss the linen and tulle bows. The best thing to do is to wear these belts to match the hood, bolero, etc.

As you can see, here you will see a great variety of sashes for dresses for ceremony, communion and baptism, you will surely find the perfect one for your little girl!