Luna sash with gabardine bows


Gabardine sash with a peach texture and a wide front so that it is gathered. The sash is prepared to make a bow behind the dress. You can choose between several colors of trench coat, some more autumnal, such as toasted, gray or burgundy, and others more spring-like, such as nude and olive green.
(Psst! Martina is wearing the sash to match the tan shoes, contrasting with the Carola dress in wine color and the burgundy wild crown. Everything matches her brother’s shorts.)

Ceremony sashes with bows

Size Sash width (height) Length
T3-T6 5 cm 184 cm
T8-T10 7 cm 212 cm
T12-T16 8 cm 239 cm

The sashes are handmade, so measurements are approximate.


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