Madrid sash with ceremonial ribbons


Sash with two ruffles on the front and added loops to make a big bow on the back. The front of the ceremony sash is narrower and the loops are narrower and shorter.
(Psst! Martina is wearing the tan sash with a brocade arras dress that also has the piculinas in toasted color so that it looks perfect with the sash. In the second outfit, Martina has chosen the white sash in contrast to the aqua green of the Fiona dress and the ceremony shoes.)

Ceremony sashes with bows

Size Sash width (height) Length
T3-T6 5 cm 184 cm
T8-T10 7 cm 212 cm
T12-T16 8 cm 239 cm

The sashes are handmade, so measurements are approximate.

Keep in mind

Do you have doubts about the colors? Here is a picture of some Elsa and Anna ceremonial bulletins and the color match (but note that the color will look different depending on the screen).

White linen
Toasted flax
Linen Nude
Powdered pink linen
Lino Coral
Green linen Water
Gray linen
Linen Slate
Rustic linen

12 reviews for Madrid sash with ceremonial ribbons

  1. El fajín lo llevó en blanco y le marcaba muy bien la cintura .El detalle de las volantes le daba un toque precioso

  2. Quedaba prefecto con el vestido.

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