Ceremony shirts for teenage boys

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At Quémono, we understand that shirts for teenage boys have to be specifically designed for them, since at that age they start to have defined tastes and want to dress elegantly and fashionably for special occasions. Read more

It is important for them to feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing, and this includes ceremony clothing. We know that not all shirts for young people have the same style, which is why we offer a wide variety of shirts designed especially for them, so they have a good repertoire to choose from.

Our collection of shirts for teenage boys is a reflection of our dedication to youth fashion. Each shirt is designed with comfort, quality, and style in mind, so that young people can feel confident and fashionable at important events. Our ceremony shirts for teenage boys are an elegant and modern option that will allow them to stand out at any important event. Trust us to find the perfect long-sleeved shirt for your son and make his dressing experience the best possible.

Shirts for special events for teenagers

At Quémono, we have created a carefully designed selection of shirts for boys, taking into account the latest trends in youth fashion. Our shirts for teenage boys stand out for their simple and elegant style, where “less is more”. Next, we will briefly introduce the types of shirts we offer in our online store.

Long-sleeved shirts for teenage boys

In our collection of shirts for boys, all options are long-sleeved. This type of sleeve offers a more formal and sophisticated appearance, making it more suitable for special events. However, we understand that the weather can vary and that it is important to choose the appropriate fabric based on the temperature at the ceremony.

On warm days, we recommend opting for linen shirts for boys, as this fabric is light and cool, perfect for summer seasons. Our linen shirts are available in a wide range of colors, such as sea green, dusty pink, nude, slate blue, gray, beige, rustic, and white. The composition of our linen shirts is 50% linen and 50% cotton, giving a perfect balance between light linen and soft cotton. In this category, some of the linen shirts you can see are the Mateo shirt with a mandarin collar in gray and buttons up to the chest, or if you are looking for a white option as a wardrobe staple, you can also buy the Lope linen shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons.

On colder days, it is recommended to opt for 100% cotton shirts, as this fabric offers more warmth. For example, the Flavio shirt with a traditional collar is our most formal and elegant offer. A cotton shirt that can be paired with a bow tie or a tie. In addition, if the temperatures are very low, the shirt can be complemented with a vest or jacket to increase the warmth of the outfits without reducing their elegance.

Shirts for Young Men by Collar Type

At Quémono, we understand that every detail counts when choosing the perfect shirts for young men. One of the most prominent aspects is the type of collar on the shirt, which is an important detail that can make a difference. In our collection for boys’ shirts, we focus on two types of collars: the mandarin collar and the traditional collar.


Mandarin Collar Shirts for Teenage Boys


Mandarin collar shirts for teenage boys are an excellent option for young men who want an elegant yet casual style. This type of collar is characterized by its absence of lapels and more modern appearance. One of the advantages of mandarin collar shirts is their versatility in combining with different types of clothing. However, it is important to note that this type of collar is not suitable for wearing ties or bow ties, as it does not have the necessary space to accommodate them properly. Instead, we recommend opting to pair these shirts for boys with elegant suspenders, which will perfectly complement the modern style of the mandarin collar. One shirt that is very popular among our customers is the Mateo pinstripe shirt, which is a cotton shirt with buttons that open halfway down the chest. In the look we show you with this shirt, we have paired it with slim-fit pants in toasted gabardine, resulting in a soft and delicate outfit. This shirt is available in white stripes or slate blue.


Traditional Collar Shirts for Teenage Boys


For young men looking for a more formal style, traditional collar shirts for young men are the ideal choice. This type of collar is the most classic and the one to choose if you want to wear it with ties or bow ties, adding a refined touch to the outfit.

All of our traditional collar youth shirts are white, making them an even more formal option within our collection. White is a symbol of elegance and adapts to any special occasion. These shirts for young men are perfect for events such as weddings and other formal ceremonies that require impeccable attire. The Flavio white shirt has this collar. As you can see in the outfit we present to you, in this case, it has been paired with white pants, burgundy suspenders, and a contrasting gold bow tie. Another option that could look very nice as well is to choose a linen tie in the same color as the linen Bermuda shorts. That way, you will have a perfectly harmonious outfit. You only have to choose the color of the clothing, which you could even match with your sister’s dress or sash. But remember that the teenager will have the final decision on the outfit, and if he is not comfortable with matching his sister, it is best to let him choose.

Shirts for Teenage Guests: Weddings, Communions, Baptisms, and Special Events

At Quémono, we understand the importance of dressing appropriately for special occasions. In some ceremonies, the appropriate style will be casual yet elegant, while in others, the teenager will have to be impeccable. In this category, you can find a wide variety of shirts for teenage boys, adapting to different events, such as weddings, communions, baptisms, and other ceremonies. Our shirts for young men are the perfect complement to create a sophisticated and elegant look for special days. Don’t forget to check the size guide for the shirts to make sure the boy fits well in the shirt.

When pairing the shirt with the rest of the outfit, we recommend combining boys’ shirts of different colors with white or light-colored pants, while white shirts can be paired with colored pants to create a balanced and elegant look. For example, you could pair a gray shirt with white skinny pants or light beige straight pants. On the other hand, a white or light blue shirt could be paired with navy blue pants.

Teenage Boys’ Shirts for Communion and Baptism Guests

When it comes to attending a religious celebration such as a communion or baptism, it’s important to remember that appropriate attire is crucial. While it is not necessary to be impeccably dressed, it is important to keep in mind that the occasion requires a stylish and suitable outfit, but also comfortable and casual.

An excellent combination for this type of event could be a light-colored mandarin collar shirt, such as white or beige, paired with beige skinny pants and leather espadrilles in beige. The mandarin collar shirt adds a casual yet sophisticated touch to the ensemble, and if desired, you can add a navy blue sweater or blazer to complement the look.

It is important to note that, although it is not necessary to wear ties or suspenders, teenagers can choose to add these accessories to give the outfit a more formal touch. Remember that, on these occasions, it is important to look confident and secure, so the boy should choose the clothes that make him feel comfortable and at ease. If he has any doubts about what to wear, he can always write to us and we will help him choose his outfit. Anyway, don’t forget that the most important thing in the end is to enjoy the celebration!

Shirts for Boys Invited to Other Ceremonies

Apart from communions and baptisms, there are numerous ceremonies where dressing appropriately is important. For example, if you are invited to a wedding, the level of formality is higher. For this occasion, we recommend opting for a white shirt with a traditional collar, accompanied by a light blue tie. Complete the outfit with a navy blue suit jacket and leather shoes in the same tone.

On the other hand, if the event you are attending is a graduation, you can follow a similar guideline to the one mentioned above for communions and baptisms. Choose a mandarin collar shirt and skinny pants to achieve a sophisticated and appropriate look for the occasion.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding anniversary, you can opt for a more casual outfit. A mandarin collar shirt paired with straight pants will be enough to look neat and comfortable during the event. The Umi shirt, made of linen in a colorful and straight cut, is a good alternative for those looking for a more modern and casual style. Nevertheless, there are especially important wedding anniversaries, such as a silver wedding anniversary. In those cases, the ceremony may require a more elegant touch, in which case you could add a blazer jacket to the outfit.

Buy sets of youth shirts and pants with the help of the size guide

At Quémono, we care about giving you the best shopping experience. That’s why our size guide is available to help you find the perfect fit for the sets you buy. In addition, in our online store you can explore our collection and make your purchase easily from the comfort of your home. Our youth shirts are available in different sizes ranging from 6 years to 16 years, and we also offer the option of custom-made garments for larger sizes, such as size 18 years. If you need larger sizes than 18 years, we also offer custom sizes at an additional cost. If this is your case, we need you to contact us so that we can give you the instructions on the steps you should follow.

Dress the boy with teenage shirts from our stores

In addition to our online store, if you want to dress the boy with elegant shirts, we also have physical stores located in different places in Spain. In these stores you can enjoy a personalized shopping experience and have the opportunity to see and feel in person the fabrics and quality of the making of our youth shirts. Our team will be delighted to advise and help you find the perfect outfit for the teenage boy. In case you want to come to the Madrid showroom, please note that we attend by appointment only to give you all the attention that the teenage boy needs.

Visit the rest of our collection of clothes for teenage boys

At Quémono, we don’t just limit ourselves to youth shirts for teenage boys. We also offer a wide variety of garments to complete the teenage boy’s wardrobe. Our collection includes pants, blazers, and other accessories that will allow you to create unique and trendy outfits. We are committed to providing you with versatile and quality fashion options so that you can express your personal style on every occasion.

Explore our complete collection and discover the variety of styles and designs available. Whether you are looking for formal clothing for a special event or a casual look for everyday wear, you will find options that fit the style and preferences of the teenage boy. At Quémono, we are here to help you dress with confidence and style.

As you can see, Quémono offers a wide variety of ceremony youth shirts for teenage boys with a design that combines comfort, quality, and style. The company focuses on youth fashion and offers a carefully designed collection of shirts for teenage boys, taking into account the latest trends. In their collection, you can find long-sleeved linen or cotton shirts, in different colors, and with a Mao or traditional collar. We recommend that you check the size guide to find the perfect fit. Please note that you can make the purchase through the online store and that you also have physical stores to enjoy a personalized shopping experience.

Quémono understands the importance of feeling comfortable and confident with what you wear, and that’s why it offers a wide variety of shirts for teenage boys that will allow them to stand out at any important event. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience with a team delighted to advise and help you find the perfect outfit for the teenage boy.