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Dress shorts for boys are the perfect option to dress your little ones with comfort and style on special occasions. In our online store of children’s fashion, we offer a wide variety of shorts designed especially for baptisms, communions, and other ceremonies such as weddings, graduations, important birthdays, etc. Our garments are made in Spain, following the highest quality standards and using top-quality fabrics.Read more

Types of shorts

In our collection of dress shorts for boys, you will find all types of shorts that adapt to the preferences and needs of each child. The classic shorts are available in various fabrics, while the Tyrolean shorts and overalls are only available in linen.

Pants and shorts according to fabric

Regarding the fabrics used in our pants and shorts, we offer a wide range of ceremonial clothing to adapt to the different seasons of the year. The type of fabric is crucial in terms of the child’s comfort, if he wears velvet shorts in summer, he will be more concerned about the heat than the ceremony itself. In our collection, you will find ideal ceremonial clothing for both the spring-summer and the autumn-winter months. We will present the different options of clothing for boys that you have available so that you can know which one you need depending on the season. You can choose shorts in linen, corduroy, cotton, or velvet. Let’s get started!

Linen pants for spring and summer

The linen pants for spring and summer that you will find at Quémono are ideal for creating fresh and elegant outfits. Linen is a breathable fabric that ensures your child feels comfortable throughout the event, even on the hottest days. Choose this fabric to avoid unnecessary sweating. Combine these linen pants with a white linen shirt and dress shoes to complete the ceremony look. In this ceremony collection, you can see up to 7 pants and shorts in different colors, all made of linen. For example, you have the green water ceremony boys shorts matching the vest and contrasted with beige leather espadrilles, all giving color to the white shirt. You can also see pants in pink, blue, or gray combined with the white mandarin collar shirt. A particularly beautiful outfit that would look great on your child is white shorts contrasted with a nude pink mandarin collar shirt. As you can see, white pants look especially good with colored shirts. The last outfit you can see with the linen pants is the beige shorts contrasted with the dusty pink tie. In this last case, the child wears the tie matching his sister’s dress, a very interesting option if you want to buy clothes for children to match.

Pants for winter outfits

When the winter season arrives, we offer shorts made of warmer fabrics. Generally, the colors used in winter seasons are usually darker, abandoning the characteristic pastel shades of the linen pants of the spring-summer season. Although shorts look particularly beautiful and give a childish touch to the outfit, keep in mind that the lower part of the leg is bare. Therefore, unless your child is not going to be outdoors for long periods of time, we recommend pairing pants in this season with high socks that keep them warm.

Soft and warm cotton shorts

Our 100% cotton shorts are the perfect choice for winter events. It is a particularly soft fabric, with a velvety touch similar to peach. Made with high-quality cotton, this type of shorts not only provides warmth and comfort, but also durability and resistance. Your child can feel comfortable in any situation throughout the day.

For a perfect ceremony look, we recommend pairing these shorts with an elegant knit sweater and classic style shoes. Additionally, you may consider complementing the pants in the outfits with a tie that gives a formal touch to the look.

Quality velvet shorts for the coldest events

When winter gets colder, in months like January or February, our velvet pants and shorts are the ideal choice for your events. Velvet is an elegant fabric that adds a sophisticated touch to winter outfit pants. You can buy velvet shorts in colors such as raspberry pink, beige, burgundy, and gray. Keep in mind that velvet is a very warm fabric because it is dense. If you are looking for a fabric with a good balance between warmth and lightness, your fabric is cotton instead of velvet.

In this ceremony collection, you can find several looks based on velvet shorts. The first is a simple set, with gray shorts matching the velvet bow tie on a white cotton shirt. Another slightly more sophisticated option is the set presented for beige velvet shorts that the boy wears matching the Bosco velvet jacket. The latter is a more complete and warm option.

Boy’s ceremony shorts in corduroy

If you are looking for a unique and original style, our boy’s ceremony shorts in corduroy are the perfect option. Corduroy is a durable and warm fabric that adds texture to the outfit. You have the fabric available in colors such as denim, red, pink, and green. The advantage of this unique fabric is that its use is not as common in ceremonies as cotton or velvet. If you choose corduroy shorts, it is very difficult for your child’s outfit to be repeated at the event.

Boy’s formal clothing

These boy’s bermudas for ceremonies are an ideal option when looking for the perfect attire for a special occasion. In our online children’s fashion store, we offer a wide variety of formal wear so that your little one can go stylishly to important events.

Apart from important events such as weddings, baptisms, or communions, there may also be other special events where you want your child to look good. For example, a graduation ceremony, a Christmas dinner, a birthday party, or a family photo shoot. Family photo shoots can look especially beautiful when siblings dress elegantly for the occasion. It is also important to remember that not all special events have to be formal. This type of boy’s bermudas can be a great option for a more casual event, such as a family gathering or a weekend outing.

In addition, to complete your little one’s look, our online store also offers a wide variety of shirts, jackets, and shoes for boys. With our selection of high-quality children’s fashion, you can be sure that your child will look elegant and comfortable at any special occasion that arises.

Complete the look of your boy’s formal bermuda

The bermudas are an important part of the outfit, but they are not the only one. It is important to learn how to combine the bermudas with the rest of the boy’s formal wear that you have in your wardrobe. In this section, we will show you how to do it. One option is to combine your bermudas with other children’s fashion items from the Quémono store designed specifically to wear with the bermudas. But you can also combine the bermudas with the wardrobe basics you have at home.

Boy’s clothing to complement the boy’s formal bermudas

To complement the boy’s formal bermudas, we offer a wide selection of boy’s clothing that will add style and elegance to the outfit. From closed cummerbunds to shirts, vests, bow ties, suspenders and ties, you will find everything you need to create a complete and sophisticated look. You can buy these accessories in our online store.

If you want your child to look especially elegant at a traditional ceremony, such as a wedding, baptism, or communion, we recommend buying the closed cummerbund. This cummerbund is an unusual accessory for a child, and therefore will be especially original. The cummerbund looks very elegant since it completely covers the transition from the boy’s pants to the shirt. Another elegant option, although not as much as the cummerbund, are vests and suspenders. These latter options are more classic. In this ceremony collection, you can see how these accessories look on some children, we have usually matched them, although sometimes in contrast.

A very popular accessory among our customers are leather espadrilles. This original footwear is perfect to complement the boy’s formal bermudas. They have a beige tone that goes well with almost any bermuda color.

Tirolese shorts and overalls

In our collection of boy’s shorts for ceremonies, you will also find the popular tirolese shorts. These shorts are distinguished by including suspenders and a horizontal crossbar, providing a charming and unique look. They are especially suitable for a baby boy, as they offer additional support and give a slightly more childish touch than traditional shorts to the outfit.

In addition to tirolese shorts, you also have overalls available. These two pieces are quite similar, with the difference that overalls also cover the chest area, starting the strap higher up. Overalls are ideal for a baby boy who is not yet walking, as they provide greater support and comfort. However, they can also be an excellent option for older boys, as they offer a different and original look.

In this category, you can see the water green overalls paired with a white shirt. We also show you the tirolese shorts combined with the same Mao collar shirt.

Children’s ceremony store

If you are looking for boy’s shorts for special occasions, you have come to the right place. In our online children’s fashion store, we offer a wide selection of ceremony shorts, guaranteeing that your little one will look elegant and fashionable at any event. On the product page of our shorts online store, you have the size guide available for each of the shorts. Through that guide, you can see the size your child needs, taking into account the allowance he needs if the ceremony is in a few months and he is going to grow. On the other hand, at Quémono, you have a wide variety of colors available for each model. We know how important color is for some ceremonies such as a wedding. In that sense, with Quémono, you are covered.

Our collection of boy’s shorts for ceremonies is designed with the comfort and style of the little ones in mind. The shorts close with buttons on the side, adding an elegant touch to the front of the garment. In addition, they do not have pockets to maintain a clean and sophisticated look. To ensure a perfect fit, all of our shorts have an adjustable waistband, allowing you to adapt the pants to the child.

Children’s fashion accessible to everyone

At Quémono, we believe that quality children’s fashion should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we strive to offer affordable boy’s shorts for ceremonies, without compromising quality and style. We want every child to enjoy high-quality clothing that reflects their personality and adapts to different occasions.

On the other hand, some people prefer the speed and convenience of ordering online and having their order delivered to their home, while others prefer to touch the fabric and make sure the shorts fit their child well. Don’t worry, Quémono is available for both cases.

Buy your child’s shorts in this online children’s clothing store

The advantage of the online store is that you can buy children’s clothing whenever you have a moment and at the pace you need, without having to make an appointment. In this category of boy’s shorts, you have filters so you can only see winter cotton shorts for less than 55 euros for a baby boy, for example. If you have trouble choosing the size remotely, let us know so we can advise you. We have a very high reliability when it comes to choosing the size. In addition, you also have all the details of the garment indicated in the description of each ceremony shorts for boys, as well as what the boy’s pants are paired with in each photo.

In addition to the shorts themselves, we offer the option of purchasing matching accessories. You can find closed sashes, shirts, vests, bow ties, suspenders, and ties. All these children’s clothing designs are designed to complement boy’s ceremony shorts and achieve an impeccable look. And to complete the look, we recommend our leather espadrilles. You can easily see all these accessories in the online store.

Visit our ceremony collection in the Madrid showroom

If you are in Madrid or plan to visit the city, we invite you to explore our ceremony collection in our showroom. Here you can see and feel the quality of our garments firsthand, and receive personalized advice from our team of experts in children’s fashion. We will be happy to help you find the perfect boy’s shorts for that special event.

In summary, our children’s ceremony store offers quality children’s fashion, designed to ensure that your little one looks and feels good on any occasion. Explore our online store or visit our Madrid showroom, and discover the variety of boy’s shorts for ceremonies available. Within all the options you have for all seasons, fabrics, and styles, you will find the ideal boy’s ceremony shorts for your son. Trust our children’s clothing online store and make every event memorable with the best boy’s shorts for ceremonies.