Boy suspenders for ceremony

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Children’s suspenders are a very colorful accessory that adds a touch of elegance to the look of children when they are invited to special occasions. In this collection of children’s suspenders for ceremonies, you will find a wide variety of models of different styles and in different colors, all designed to make your child look radiant at weddings and communions, as well as baptisms and other ceremonies. Read more

Children’s suspenders

At Quémono we offer children’s suspenders for all ages, so that your child looks beautiful no matter how old he/she is. The children’s suspenders you see in this collection are super cute, these suspenders are available for both babies and older children. The design of these suspenders is well thought out, so that your child will be fashionable without losing sight of the comfort he needs to enjoy the event. They are cheerful baby or toddler suspenders in a simple style, preserving the innocence of the outfit, avoiding forcing the maturity of the children and encouraging a more natural maturity with toddler suspenders outfits in which children look like children.

Baby suspenders made in Spain

Baby suspenders couldn’t be more adorable. In this collection you can see for example how burgundy cotton suspenders look on a baby. In this outfit the baby is wearing the contrasting burgundy suspenders with a beige cotton shorts and mao collar shirt. Keep in mind that babies are not going to be standing, or in case they start walking they will be standing for a short time. That is why baby suspenders may be less necessary than for children suspenders. In the case of the baby, the suspenders are used mainly to enhance the aesthetic level of the outfit, helping the baby to look especially radiant. These baby suspenders are made in Spain with the best quality, just like the rest of the collection. You can wear them to match the dad so that you both look adorable in photos. Finally, keep in mind that at this age you may need to adjust the straps more, to reduce the length of the straps so that they are not loose.

Formal children’s suspenders

From the age of 3 or 4, children’s suspenders become ideal accessories for children to create formal outfits. If you are looking to create a more formal look, we recommend combining suspenders with a matching tie. In our collection you will find various designs of suspenders. For example, you can see in this category looks for boys with beige linen suspenders matching the tie, always made in the same fabric to avoid small variations in color. In this case the suspenders are combined with gray long pants, which give an extra touch of formality. However, if you are looking for a particularly original outfit, we recommend you to buy the printed suspenders made in Spain. You can buy them in four colors: navy blue, beige, pink and green. For example, the navy blue printed suspenders can be seen with the matching tie and combined with beige long pants and a matching linen blazer, creating an outfit that will attract attention at any special event. Notice how well the navy blue printed suspenders look on the boy with the light blue shirt.

As you can see, at Quémono we offer a wide variety of children’s suspenders that stand out for their quality, comfort and style. Please note that all our suspenders have a “Y” design. This design consists of two straps in the front and one in the back. They are attached to the pants with silver clips at the ends and have adjusters at the front for easy length adjustment. In addition, they are elastic suspenders at the back, which ensures that the suspenders are snug to the child. Here you can buy suspenders online in plain colors, such as beige linen for spring and summer, as well as cotton in beige and burgundy colors for autumn and winter. The great advantage of shopping online is that you can easily see the price of each of the products, as well as sort them from lowest to highest price. The burgundy suspenders have a color especially suitable for winter. You can also find a more cheerful children’s suspenders with printed fabrics in colors like beige, navy blue, green and pink.

You can buy three sizes of children’s suspenders: small, medium and large. As you can see, you can find a white brace for your child no matter how old they are. These quality suspenders are not only comfortable but also made in Spain. Find the accessory you were looking for in this collection of designer children’s suspenders to wear on special occasions.

Children’s suspenders for special events: weddings, communions, baptisms…

Los tirantes de niño son un complemento muy elegante que cada año está más de moda en bodas, comuniones y bautizos. Los tirantes infantiles claramente tienen una función práctica: mantener los pantalones en su lugar. Sin embargo, muchas veces el ajuste del pantalón ya de por sí hace que no se caiga la prenda, y aun así los niños quieren llevar el tirante infantil debido a su elegancia y aporte al look de ceremonia. En Quémono, entendemos la importancia de hacer un balance entre estilo y comodidad y no dejar ninguno de los dos de lado. El resultado es una colección única de tirantes para niños para ocasiones especiales.

Children and costume accessories for weddings and communions

When it comes to events such as weddings and communions, choosing the look that your child will wear becomes more difficult. We are not used to going to ceremonies of this type, and when they come we get doubts about what to wear. Children’s suspenders are a good option in these cases, as is clear in the photos of suspenders that you see in this selection of clothes.
For a wedding, which is one of the most formal events, suspenders are an important ally. A suitable outfit for your boy to go to a wedding could be a navy blue printed suspenders combined with a classic suit jacket of blazer and pants in beige. Light blue shirt, and matching tie with classic suspenders. The result is a radiant look. For the boy, bow ties and ties look great, but there are also other accessories that we recommend to combine with suspenders, for example, sashes and shorts, which we will talk about next.

Sashes at a good price

Sashes are an accessory that is rarely seen on children. But just because it’s not a frequent accessory doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic choice for the occasion. You have several options, sashes with bows and closed sashes without bows. To combine with the suspenders for children we recommend the closed sashes. Children with accessories like these sashes create a very original outfit. But they also give a unique touch of elegance to the child’s linen outfit by hiding the buttons of the pants or shorts, creating a clean and simple look.

Quality shorts

A communion is usually less formal than a wedding, so you can choose a more casual outfit for your child. Probably up to the age of 12, shorts or Bermuda shorts are suitable for children, especially in warmer seasons like spring and summer. You can choose to pair the shorts with a white suspender to keep a touch of formality without losing the casual look. We have created several sets of suspenders with shorts for you to see how they look. For example, pink printed suspenders paired with powder pink shorts and a mao collar shirt are a great option. You can also find similar outfits with printed beige suspenders, beige gabardine suspenders, printed green suspenders or burgundy suspenders. These outfits are ideal for both communions and christenings.
For those who want a slightly more formal look at a communion or christening, ditching the mao collar and adding bow ties or neckties to the suspenders is an excellent option. As you can see, we have combined the navy linen suspenders with a nude pink bow tie, don’t you think it looks great? Trust our design expertise and solve your ceremony outfits.
Besides shorts, there is another very similar garment although with some differences: Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts are a bit more fitted and sleeker, as they are designed with buttons on the side, which creates a cleaner and sleeker front compared to traditional shorts. This choice is perfect for occasions when you want your child to look stylish but comfortable.

Other accessories for special occasions

But sashes and shorts are not the only accessories you should combine with suspenders. Footwear is an essential aspect to take into account. At Quémono, you can buy online some very original leather espadrilles. These elegant espadrilles perfectly complement any child’s ceremony outfit, especially if combined with suspenders.
In addition to footwear, for especially formal events we recommend a suit jacket with blazer. Boys with accessories of this type elevate the formality and elegance of the outfit, but if you still want to add an extra touch you can include in the ensemble a fake handkerchief for the pocket of the blazer. With a handkerchief to match the suspenders and tie your boy will triumph wherever he goes.

That great ally: children and comfortable straps

At Quémono, we understand that comfort is essential when it comes to children. If children are not comfortable with the outfit, they may start to get impatient. In that sense, classic suspenders are a great option for kids. Instead of an uncomfortable tight belt around the waist, suspenders hold the pants gently without constricting the child’s body. This means that children can move freely without feeling restricted. In addition, the suspenders do not put pressure on the abdomen, making them especially comfortable when children sit on a chair or bend over. In addition, it should be noted that the straps are adjustable, so that they can be perfectly adapted to the child’s height and do not pull too much.

The models of this online store for children’s suspenders

In this online store you can buy a wide variety of models of children’s suspenders, all with a simple and childish style. Our main models of suspenders are:

  • Cotton printed suspenders: an original model based on the colorful patterns printed on them. These suspenders give a touch of fun personality to your child’s outfit. They are ideal for events where you want your child to go casual.
  • Plain linen suspenders: Uniform colored suspenders are a classic choice that never goes out of style. These suspenders can be worn to match other linen garments, creating an ideal look for summer and other warm seasons such as spring. They are ideal for more formal ceremonies.
  • Plain cotton suspenders: these are a very similar option to the plain linen suspenders, except that these suspenders are designed for winter or fall events.

Summer collection

For the summer season, we recommend our linen suspenders or printed cotton suspenders. Linen is an especially cool and comfortable choice for warm days, while the printed cotton suspenders add a touch of fun and style to any summer outfit. You can pair both with a linen shorts or Bermuda shorts. For example, in this selection of boys’ suspenders you can see that we have created outfits with these summer suspenders in beige, navy, powder pink and aqua green looks. Visit this collection of boys suspenders and learn how to dress your child for a summer event.

Children’s suspenders and bow tie for a fashionable winter look

To be fashionable in the winter season, the best option is the plain cotton suspenders and bow tie for boys. These suspenders are made of 100% cotton gabardine, which is a warmer fabric. This means that you can wear them with garments made of the same fabric, and therefore you can wear them with an outfit that is more suitable for winter wear. Your child can also wear printed suspenders if he/she wants to go especially original to the event. We recommend wearing these suspenders with long skinny pants or straight pants made of 100% cotton gabardine. As you can see, at Quémono we have options for all seasons of the year.

Create beautiful ceremony ensembles with matching clothing to match the straps

Suspenders make it easy for you when it comes to creating cute ceremony outfits. In this selection of clothing you can see more than eight boy’s ceremony outfits based on suspenders, all of which are especially cute. If you are not inspired when it comes to choosing your child’s look, you can contact any of Quémono’s designers to help you choose each of the garments according to your tastes. You can share your needs with them and they can make personalized recommendations. Contact us through the web chat, by email or by phone, or you can even come to the physical store and see the fabrics and the quality of the garments with your own eyes.

Classic linen children’s suits with suspenders and bow ties

Our collection of children’s bow ties and suspenders in linen is perfect for formal events, such as weddings, communions, baptisms and other ceremonies. Linen in this case, is a light and fresh fabric, ideal for warm or temperate seasons. Keep in mind that the linen we work with at Quémono is not pure linen, but a linen with a 50% linen / 50% cotton composition. It is a fabric that wrinkles slightly more than cotton, but less than linen.

Beige bow tie with suspenders on white shirt

The bow tie with suspenders is one of the classic ensembles in neutral colors, perfect for events where a formal look is required without wearing too showy an outfit. A white and beige ensemble is a classic and formal option very suitable for many ceremonies. By wearing a bow tie and suspenders in the same color, you will be creating a perfectly harmonious ensemble. Keep in mind that if you are wearing the suspenders and bow tie as a boy, you are sacrificing a mao shirt in favor of the Flavio collared shirt. Finish off the look with a pair of beige skinny pants to match the blazer for a special linen boy’s outfit. For footwear, you can wear the beige leather espadrilles that go perfectly with the outfit.

Boys’ looks with plain bow ties and suspenders in different colors

If you want to give an original touch to your child’s outfit, bow ties and suspenders in different colors are a great option. This option is ideal if you want your son to stand out in a special event, but you will have to be careful that the two colors do not kill each other, if you have doubts in the tones or combinations of colors, do not hesitate to write us and we will advise you. In this case, we recommend you to wear plain suspenders instead of printed ones, imagine wearing beige printed suspenders with a nude bow tie, don’t you think it would be an overdone outfit?

Size guide without waist measurement for online shopping

We understand that if you want to buy online measuring your child can be a challenge in some cases. But don’t worry, in the case of suspenders you don’t have to measure his waist or anything like that. It’s quite simple, as the measurements on these garments don’t need to be exact. Keep in mind that it is a garment that not only stretches, but can also be lengthened and shortened at will. This makes buying suspenders online very easy. However, we do recommend that you check the sizing guide for suspenders to see what size your child needs. Don’t worry about returns and exchanges, regardless of the price of the suspenders we give you facilities for both exchanges and returns. Also, please note that we have three sizes: small, medium and large. The measurements of each of these sizes you have them in the size guide on the product page of this website of ceremonial clothing.
If you live in Madrid or you are going to visit the city, you can also make an appointment to visit the Quémono showroom and see and touch the suspenders. If you come with your child, you can try them on to confirm that they are the right size. If you come to the showroom, you will be surprised by the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing we work with, and it will help you to make the purchase decision.

Anticipate your child’s growth with elastic suspenders

Children grow fast, and at Quémono we know it. At that age, the clothes you buy for them often last a year or two, but not much longer. If children grow just a little bit, as the straps are elastic, the garment itself will adapt to the child’s growth. If your child grows more, you can use the adjusters to lengthen the straps and extend the life of the garment. This way, we ensure that your child stays comfortable as he or she grows.
In short, children’s suspenders are an ideal accessory for beautiful outfits for special events such as weddings, communions and baptisms. At Quémono we offer a wide variety of quality, comfortable and stylish suspenders. The suspenders are available in different designs, such as printed and plain, and can be combined with ties, bow ties, cummerbunds and shorts, Bermuda shorts, etc. In addition, the elastic suspenders are adjustable, which ensures the comfort of children. Buy online the rest of the suit jacket for ceremony with tie and your child will be dazzling at the ceremony. As you can see, children’s suspenders are one of the best accessories for special events.