Tissue samples


Fabric samples so that you can choose the linen that best suits your accessories or that you like the most.
The shipment of these samples is free of charge, and usually takes about a week. There is no need to pay an express surcharge.
 We send you 3 fabric samples.  ♥️
Indicate in the box below a maximum of 3 fabrics to be sent to you.

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Keep in mind

Here is a picture of some Elsa and Anna ceremonial bulletins and the color match (but note that the color will look different depending on the screen).

Choose from these, which samples you want to see at home. If you want to see more than 3 colors, you can buy the product twice.

White linen
Toasted flax
Linen Nude
Powdered pink linen
Lino Coral
Green linen Water
Gray linen
Linen Slate
Rustic linen


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