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In our online store, you will find the ceremony vest for boys you were looking for. We offer a wide selection of vests for boys made with the best materials and attention to detail. We offer options in linen perfect for summer, a casual and fresh fabric that provides comfort and style, as well as corduroy, ideal for the colder months of the year. Read more

Our dress vests for boys are the perfect choice for any special occasion and formal boy party. With a simple and elegant style, these vests add a distinguished touch to any outfit. Additionally, we have a variety of colors available to match different outfits. At Quémono, we offer special collections of formal suits for boys, made with love in Madrid. You will find vest sets for communion, ideal for that special day, as well as vest sets for other ceremonies or special occasions, such as a baptism, a graduation, or family photos.

These suit pieces give a casual and childlike touch to a formal outfit, making them ideal for a gift. One of the aspects that make these suit pieces a childish garment is the strap they have on the back as a detail. In the most serious and formal vests on the market, you will find that this strap is usually adjustable, but in our case it is only decorative. Just as a child copies gestures and behaviors from their father, our children’s vests are a small reflection of the ceremony vest that the father will wear.

In this category of our online store, we will give you tips on how to combine the ceremony vest for boys depending on the color you choose. At Quémono, you will find a wide range of colors available for vests, so you will have more flexibility when choosing and combining the ceremony vest. As for sizes, you will see that we have sizes available from 1 year to 16 years, including the size of 2-year-old boy vest which is the most requested size. However, keep in mind that you have a size guide for vests to help you with your purchases. We want to make sure that all children find the vest they were looking for to look elegant at every boy party. Let’s explore together this collection of vests so you can see if you buy the vest that gives your child an elegant touch on their next special occasion.

Dressy Vests for Kids

Our dressy vests for kids are a perfect choice for children who will be attending a formal event or a gathering where you want your child to look handsome. They have a simple yet refined style with an infallible balance for your events. This simplicity can be achieved by eliminating many unnecessary details. For example, this vest lacks a pocket or collar.

Special collections of formal suits

At Quémono, we offer special collections of vests perfect for pairing with children’s formal suits. Vests are a very versatile garment that can be used on various occasions. For example, our vest and suit sets are perfect if your child is a guest at an important event such as a wedding or a communion. If your child is the one making the communion, these vests will also be up to the occasion. However, in that case, we recommend pairing the suit vest with long pants, whether skinny or straight, to achieve a complete formal look.

But not only at formal events, dressy vests for kids are also an excellent option for other occasions where you want your child to dress elegantly. For example, family photos. Imagine photos in a photography studio where your children are matching in a color, for example, sea green. Don’t you think they would look very handsome? In addition, vests can be used in combination with a shirt and jeans for a casual yet elegant look.

In summary, vests are a very versatile and wearable garment that can be used on various occasions. That’s why they are an excellent gift option. At Quémono, we offer a wide variety of vests in different colors and designs so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Buy now and give a touch of elegance to your children’s clothing!

Communion vest set

The linen vest set is a perfect choice for your child’s communion. In addition to classic colors such as beige or gray, you can also opt for a bolder tone like sea green or slate blue. To complete the look, if you want to add an extra touch of elegance, you can add a matching tie and shiny leather shoes.

However, the sets we show you are more casual, with a Mao collar shirt, no tie, and leather espadrilles. You can see how the beige vest combined with skinny pants and a white Mao collar shirt creates very original formal suits. To give a more original touch, you can add matching beige leather espadrilles to the vest set.

If you prefer a more formal and original look than the beige option, the Dante gray vest is perfect for you. Pair it with straight pants and add leather shoes to complete the set. The contrasting beige espadrilles add a unique and original touch to the look, and we have them available in our online store and we have made sure they look good with the ceremony vest.

As you can see, linen vests are a perfect choice for your child’s communion, and there are many color options and combinations so you can create the perfect vest set for that special occasion. We recommend linen vests especially if the communion is in summer, as linen is a cool fabric very suitable for warm seasons.

Boy’s Ceremony Vest Set

If you are looking for a boy’s ceremony vest set, you have come to the right place. Ceremonies are not just weddings, communions, or baptisms, they can also be an older sibling’s graduation, a grandparent’s 80th birthday, or even a fancy outing to a musical to celebrate a special occasion, such as the birth of a sibling or a promotion at work. It is important to keep in mind that each ceremony has its own protocol, so it is essential to choose the right outfit and adapt it to the occasion.

In our online store, you can find a wide variety of ceremony vests for all types of occasions. We also offer you the possibility to choose the color of the accessories to make the set even more special. That way, you can choose the beige vest with a nude pink tie. You can play with ties, bow ties, shiny leather shoes or espadrilles, mandarin collar shirts, and shorts to adjust the level of formality of the set, so that it fits perfectly with the demands of the occasion. If you are unsure about choosing the accessories for the boy’s ceremony vest set, you can write to us and we will advise you for free to help you find the perfect suit.

Do not hesitate to explore our selection of dress vests for boys and find the perfect set for your little one. Whether you need a set for a formal or informal ceremony, our catalog has everything you need to make your child look elegant and fashionable.

As a guest with his baptism suit

If your little one has been invited to a baptism, it is important to make sure he wears an elegant baptism suit. One of our favorites is a simple vest made of soft and comfortable fabric that can be worn with a white shirt and dress pants. You can also add a tie or bow tie to give it a more formal touch.

If you have doubts about the formality of the baptism, we recommend that you consult with another family member who has a child your age who will also be a guest. That way, you can get a better idea of how the other children will dress and you can make sure your little one doesn’t feel out of place. You can also look for inspiration in children’s fashion magazines.

Remember that the key to dressing your little one for a special event like a baptism is to find a balance between comfort and formality. Make sure the shoes he wears are comfortable and that he can move easily with the baptism suit you choose. While it is important for your child to look good to himself, it is also important for him to feel good and comfortable throughout the event.

A boy’s party suit for a special occasion

At Quémono, we offer a wide selection of vests for boys and boy’s party suit sets so that your child always looks impeccable at any special event. So, whether it’s a charity gala to raise funds for an important cause, a family dinner at Christmas, or the celebration of your wedding anniversary, at Quémono, you will find the perfect suit piece for your little one.

Our vests for boys are designed to make the little ones feel comfortable and at ease in formal or semi-formal occasions, without sacrificing the elegance and style required for these types of events. We strive to make children look like children, and the party suit they wear not only to be elegant but also childlike and age-appropriate.

Each ceremony vest for boys is crafted with attention to detail and using high-quality materials, so you can be sure that your child will be comfortable and well-dressed throughout the event. In addition, our garments are characterized by their simple and quality style because we firmly believe that “less is more” when it comes to children’s fashion. So, you are not only buying a quality boy’s vest but also a comfortable and stylish one.

Suit pieces with a casual and childlike touch to make a gift

Vests are one of the most important suit pieces, making it an excellent gift option for any boy. They are simple and elegant garments that are often used on special occasions, but they can also be part of a casual and childlike outfit. Being simple, it is a garment that can be used daily. Matched with shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, your child will look handsome any day of the week. In addition, thanks to its simple and timeless design, vests can be used on many different occasions, making them a practical and useful garment for any boy.

Another advantage of these vests as a gift is that due to their high quality, they are durable and can be inherited by the younger siblings of the child to whom you have given the vest. In addition, the price of these vests is affordable, making them accessible for a standard gift budget. Quémono’s vests for boys are handcrafted in Spain with high-quality materials.

Boy’s Suit Vest

If you’re looking for the perfect boy’s suit vest to complete your son’s suit outfit, you’re in the right place. At Quémono, our wide selection of vests guarantees that you will find the one that best suits your needs. In addition to completing a party suit, our vests can also be used to create casual and elegant outfits.

At Quémono, we strive to offer quality garments. That’s why the interior of our vests is fully lined with linen in the same color as the boy’s suit vest, giving the garment structure and increasing the child’s comfort.

Fitted Style Suit Pieces with Button Closure and No Pockets

This fitted buttoned vest without pockets is one of the most used suit pieces. Not only can it be used for casual occasions with a shirt and casual pants, but vests are an elegant garment that are often combined with suits for boys to form an outfit for especially formal events such as weddings. It is a suit piece that, along with the blazer, becomes a particularly elegant piece.

And indeed, the best way to match a boy’s formal vest is with a blazer and linen pants of the same color as the vest. At Quémono, we offer a wide variety of suits for boys, including our popular complete linen beige suit set that fits perfectly for a formal occasion. In addition, our matching leather espadrilles complete the outfit and give it a touch of elegance. Keep in mind that the vests that can be combined with the blazer are linen vests, as we do not have available corduroy blazers.

Our blazers have a simple yet elegant style, which makes them perfect to combine with any of our vests. If you’re looking for a more casual look, our vests can also be worn with a short-sleeved shirt and jeans.

To fasten the vests, four mother-of-pearl buttons are used, which provide an elegant touch to the outfit. These mother-of-pearl buttons are a detail that adds an additional touch to this beautiful suit piece. On the back of the boy’s vest, there is a loop that is not used to adjust the garment, but as an additional detail. Although this fitted vest has no pockets or collar, this simple style is what makes it stand out. As they say, “less is more.”

Colors, Fabrics, and Size Guide for Boy’s Vests

One of the highlights of this boy’s vest is the variety of available colors. Linen vests are the most popular and come in a wide range of shades. You have up to nine colors available! You can purchase the boy’s formal vest in linen in colors such as aqua green, dusty pink, nude, slate blue, gray, beige, rustic, and white. If you’re looking for a summer vest, we recommend choosing linen to avoid overheating.

We recommend combining our colored vests with a white shirt to highlight their style and elegance. As for pants, we suggest purchasing them in the same color as the suit vest to achieve a harmonious appearance, although you can also opt for white pants for a more classic look.

An elegant summer with our formal wear

In our online store, you can find the vest for children you were looking for. Most of the formal wear we offer in this category is made of linen, a natural fabric composed of 50% linen and 50% cotton. Linen is a stiff material but perfect for the warm summer months due to its freshness. In addition, it is known for its high breathability and comfort, making children feel comfortable throughout the day in the hottest times. It is also durable, so you can be sure that your child can continue to wear their fitted linen vest for a long time.

If you are looking for a warmer option for the winter months, we invite you to buy a child’s formal vest made of corduroy. Corduroy is a warm and soft fabric, perfect for keeping your child comfortable and warm during the coldest days. Our corduroy vests are available in colors such as denim, red, pink, and green.

Choose the child’s formal vest in any size, including the 2-year-old vest

We offer a wide range of sizes for children of all ages, from 1 year to 16 years, and we have the size of 2-year-old boy’s vest available, which is especially in demand. However, if you need a larger size, don’t worry. In our effort to satisfy our customers, we can make special sizes, such as size 18 years, or even custom formal wear for large sizes. We want to make sure you find the perfect child’s formal vest that fits your needs.

In our online store, we want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a detailed size guide to help you choose the right size for your child. Simply measure your child and compare their measurements with the size guide chart. If you have any questions or need advice, our customer service team will be happy to assist you at all times. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information on how to measure your child. We are here to help you find the perfect boy’s suit vest!

Online store to buy your suit set

In our online store, we offer a wide selection of ceremonial clothing, where it will be easy for you to find the suit set you were looking for. We know that buying a boy’s ceremonial vest online can be a different experience than buying in a physical store, which is why we strive to offer you an easy, secure, and satisfactory online shopping experience.

One of the advantages of buying online is the possibility of filtering by category and finding exactly what you are looking for. In Quémono, you can filter by type of garment, color, fabric, category, season, etc.

In addition, in our online store, you will find a size guide for the boy’s suit vest so you can make sure you are buying the correct size.

We know that it can be difficult to find the right size for your child, especially if you are not used to buying online. It is possible that, even if your child is 2 years old, you may not get it right if you are going to buy a 2-year-old boy’s vest. Maybe he needs a size up or down. That’s why we make sure to provide you with a clear and accurate size guide to help you make the best decision.

Another advantage of buying the boy’s ceremonial vest online is comfort. You don’t have to travel to a physical store, you can make your purchase from home. In addition, you can buy your boy’s ceremonial vest at any time of the day, which means you don’t have to adjust to the store’s schedule. No need to make an appointment at the showroom! How convenient!

Do not hesitate to buy the ceremonial vest for boys at Quémono: online or in-store

Anyway, if you prefer to see the vests in person before buying, you can always visit our showroom in Madrid. There you can see and touch the fabrics of our vests and suit sets for boys. Our designers will be happy to help and advise you in your purchase.

As you can see, buying online can be an easy, comfortable, and satisfactory experience. In our online store, we offer you a wide selection of vests and suit sets for boys, as well as a clear and accurate size guide to help you make the best decision. If you prefer to see the vest for boys in person before buying, you can always visit our showroom in Madrid.

Stay stylish by adding these children’s suits to your shopping

Children’s fashion has evolved a lot in recent years. At Quémono, we follow the latest trends so that your children can look stylish on any occasion. If you’re looking for a way to add a special touch to the shopping you do for your children, our children’s suits are the perfect choice. In this online store, we understand the importance of dressing children in ceremonial clothes that are not only comfortable but also elegant and fashionable. Our collection of children’s suits covers a wide variety of styles and designs, from formal suits to more casual sets, ideal for special events or for stylish everyday wear.

Made with high-quality materials and attention to every detail, our children’s suits guarantee an impeccable appearance. From the choice of fabrics to the cuts and finishes, we make sure to offer suit pieces that meet your expectations.

Quémono is the ideal place to find the perfect suit set for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a suit for a children’s party, a christening, or another special occasion, you’re sure to find options that suit your needs.

Children’s fashion is a form of expression and style, and this children’s suit vest will give you the opportunity to stand out and set trends.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add these children’s suits to your shopping and take your children’s style to the next level. Explore Quémono’s online store, discover our special collections, and choose the sets that best suit your style and occasion. Here you will find that dress vests for children are an investment in fashion and elegance that you won’t regret making.

In summary, at Quémono, we offer a wide variety of vests and children’s suits, perfect for any special occasion. From formal ceremonies to casual events, our vests are designed to be comfortable and elegant, and are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. In addition, we offer a detailed size guide to ensure that your child has a perfect fit. You can also visit our showroom in Madrid to see and touch our fabrics.

In this online store, you will find a high-quality children’s ceremonial vest, made with attention to detail and good materials. At Quémono, we believe that “less is more” when it comes to children’s fashion, so we strive to offer simple and elegant ceremonial clothes that are comfortable for children and allow them to move freely. In our online store, you will also find the perfect party suit for children for any special event.